Master`s Degree Programme, 5 years

Marine Technology

– Programme components

The degree programme has eight specialisation directions called main profiles. The study specialisations combine the disciplines of hydrodynamics, structural engineering and marin systems. An emphasis is placed on the students' ability to combine practical understanding with the use of mathematical models and computer-based methods of analysis. One focuses also on the development of the students' ability to see the big picture in technical problems related to design, analysis and operations of marine systems. Knowledge from several subject areas are involved in finding good solutions.

The specialisations to chooce between in third year are:

  1. Marine Stuctures
  2. Marine Cybernetics
  3. Marine Hydrodynamics
  4. Marine Engineering
  5. Safety and Asset Management
  6. Marine Design and Logistics
  7. Marine Resources and Aquaculture
  8. Subsea Technique