Master`s Degree Programme, 5 years

Petroleum Geosciences and Engineering

– Study environment

As a student of Petroleum Geosciences and Engineering, you will be part of a class of some 60 students. The first two years, you will follow lectures along with the students on the Geotechnology programme. The students on these two programmes have a common student society, ”Bergstuderendes Forening” (BF), which is over 90 years old. The society creates solidarity, hustle and bustle among the students. It is also an important point of contact between students and industry. BF annually arranges several academic meetings with representatives from various enterprises. Students with musical gifts, may develop their talents in ”Bærseblesten” – the society’s brass band – or in the society’s choir, ”Lapis audio”.

Each class has its own reading rooms. Students in the 3rd, 4th and 5th years are offered individual desks. During your studies, you will work in different laboratories, including:

  • The ”Virtual Reality” lab (VR) which is a laboratory for research and work with e.g. 3D seismic computer cubes, planning of downhole targets in reservoir models, etc.
  • Reservoir engineering and petrophysical lab for the analysis and experimenting with fluids and rocks to find their characteristics.
  • Gas hydrate laboratory
  • Microscope laboratory with modern microscopes for the examining of rocks.

Being a university student is different from being a pupil at comprehensive school. When you start studying at NTNU, it is important that you take responsibility for you own study situation. You are responsible for finding practical information about deadlines, lectures, etc.