Norwegian For Foreigners (Trondheim)

– Levels 1-4 and Short Course

Level requirements

Not all applicants can apply for every level, and different conditions apply. For more information about course content, course requirements, and timetables, please contact the Department of Language and Literature.

Level 1
Level 1 is only available for applicants with NTNU affiliation with a duration of stay of at least 2 semesters.

Short course
The short course is for NTNU academic staff on a stay of at least 6 months, spouses of academic staff, PhD students, as well as international master's and exchange students on a stay of at least 3 months. 

Level 2 and 3
You can qualify for level 2 in one of the following ways: Having passed level 1 at NTNU, Norskprøven 2 (written and oral), or "Den nye norskprøven" (organised by VOX) with a B1 result on the written part and A2 result on the listening, reading, and oral parts. 

Applicants for level 2 and 3 who do not have sufficient documentation of their Norwegian language skills,  will have to take a placement test in order to qualify. The test is for internal use only, and is used to evaluate the level of proficiency in Norwegian. The placement test is in mid-June (for autumn semester) and mid-November (for) spring semseter. Applicants who have to sit for the test, will receive an email 1 week beforehand with further information on how to register. 

Level 4 
Applicants for level 4 must have passed level 3 or equivalent, and are ranked by their level 3 results.