PhD-programme (Doctoral education)

PhD programme in Audiovisual Media

– About the programme

Starting autumn 2015, a new PhD-programme is offered for PhD-candidates with research projects related to audiovisual media.

The PhD-programme in Audiovisual Media includes the study of film, television, computer and video games and audiovisual expressions online. The programme is established in cooperation between NTNU and Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN) and the two institutions' research groups in film and media studies. The PhD-programme in Audiovisual Media also cooperates with the PhD-programme in Humanities and the Arts at the Faculty of Humanities, NTNU.

The programme offers a doctoral education based in the humanistic research tradition, but it also includes approaches from the social sciences both theoretically and methodologically, as is common in media studies. The programme unites the PhD-candidates in the coursework component, ensures progress throughout the project period and works as an arena for academic discussion. 

The programme's core areas includes the audiovisual media's:

  • aesthetic measures and their influence on the production of meaning and interpretation
  • forms of representation, constructions of identity and perceptions of reality
  • actors, institutions and businesses in a historical perspective
  • routines of production
  • use in teaching and communicating science

A PhD degree in the field of audiovisual media qualifies you for research positions and for Associate Professorships in higher education institutions in the fields of media studies, film studies or game studies, in addition to giving you the option of specialized work in public managament, the cultural sector and the creative industries.

The PhD-programme in Audiovisual Media consists of:

  • An independent research project resulting in an academic dissertation at a high academic level
  • Training in the theory of science and methodology, giving you insight to the distinctiveness of the aesthetic disciplines
  • Training in the ability to put your own field in a larger context through reflection, and in articulating the challenges and possibilities of media studies

The programme is estimated to three years full-time study, and is thesis-oriented. Working on the doctoral thesis is estimated to 2 1/2 years, with an additional 1/2 year set aside for the coursework component. The coursework will partly take place at NTNU and partly at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

For more information on the coursework and thesis, see the web page on programme structure.
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