Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Joint PhD-programme in Behaviour and Health

– Organized training

Formal Academic Course Work 

Candidates will have access to, and will be expected to take, formal academic coursework components as part of their candidature. This serves to complement the major research component of the candidature and to provide candidates with new perspectives on behaviour and health by exposing them to courses and ideas typically only available in the host university.

The minimum requirements are set out in the agreement between the two parties as signed by the ANU on 15/9/11 and by NTNU on 14/11/11. The two parties will offer courses that are consistent with, and complement the areas specified in the table above (see page 3 & 4). The courses offered in this program will be those that are normally available as part of the educational programs of the two respective universities which are part of the agreement to which this document refers, and details of which can be found on the respective course handbooks of each university.