Computer Science

PhD programme (doctoral education), Trondheim–Gjøvik

Computer Science

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IE - KRYSSPUBLISERT! A PhD is the highest level of formal education in Norway

A PhD is the highest level of formal education in Norway

A doctoral degree from NTNU qualifies for leading positions in business and industry, public administration, higher education and research.

Surveys show that persons with a doctoral degree have a very high degree of employment. Academia is often considered the most usual career path for persons holding a doctoral degree. However, a substantial part of our doctors obtain leading positions in the private sector.

Job opportunities

Job opportunities

After successful completion of your doctoral degree, you may obtain leading positions in industry, government services and academia involving interesting and demanding responsibilities and projects.

Computer science and informatics lie in the interface between many different fields of research, which means that the education is suitable for as different areas as medicine, finance, space research, the petroleum industry, and the gaming and media industry, in addition to pure IT-positions. Many candidates choose to stay in academia as post-doctors, researchers, associated professors and professors in the longer term.

How to qualify for a further academic career

A degree in research education is the highest educational degree available. Through this education you will learn how to conduct independent research of a high international standard.

You will be qualified for research within Computer Science.