PhD programme in Humanities and the Arts

phd programme (doctoral education)

PhD programme in Humanities and the Arts

– About the programme

About the PhD-programme

How can old art expressions make us think in new ways, today? What significance does art have beyond its aesthetic objects? What can fiction tell us about ourselves? How can we think about technological practice as an aesthetic experience? What do text, materiality and mediality mean in a digitalized culture?

In the PhD-programme in Humanities and the Arts, you will be given the opportunity to specialize in humanistic disciplines such as Art History, Literature (English, French, German, Scandinavian and Comparative Literature), Dance Studies, Drama & Theatre, Film Studies, Media Studies and Musicology. The programme also offers the opportunity to specialize across disciplines through interdisciplinary research projects. Studying for a PhD at the Faculty of Humanities will give you freedom to develop and carry out an independent research project based on your academic interests, rooted in an established research environment.

A PhD in the aesthetics qualifies you for research positions and grants you Associate Professor expertise in the Higher Education system, as well as giving you the opportunity to work specialized in publishing, ministries and departments, public administration and councils and the cultural sector.

The PhD-programme in Humanities and the Arts consists of:

  • An independent research project resulting in a scientific dissertation at a high academic level
  • Training in theories of science and methodology, giving you professional standing and insight into the distinctive qualities of the aesthetic disciplines
  • Training in the ability to put your own subject in a larger context through academic deliberation, and the ability to articulate the particular challenges and opportunities of the Humanities

The programme is estimated to three years full-time studies and is thesis-oriented. The work on the thesis is estimated to 2 ½ years, with the remaining ½ year set aside for the compulsory coursework component.

The PhD-programme in Humanities and the Arts brings the candidates together in the coursework component, ensures follow-up throughout the project period and functions as an arena for academic discussion.

13 Oct 2015