PhD Programme, 3 years


This PhD programme will be discontinued from 1 August 2018 and will continue as a specialization under the new PhD programme in Social Sciences.


About the programme

The Department of Geography aims to offer a first-class PhD Programme that provides the candidates with the qualifications to work at research institutions, in higher education and in occupations that require an advanced degree of scientific expertise.


Admission to the doctoral programme at the Department of Geography requires documentation of three year funding including all expenses related to the project. If you do not have funding, you may, for example, apply for scholarships through The Research Council of Norway ( or for PhD positions at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management (

Study plan for the  PhD programme in Geography

The study plan consists of one part that is specific for the PhD-programme in Geography, and one common part shared by all PhD programmes at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management.


The Department's staff offers supervision in a broad range of fields across human and physical geography. PhD candidates represent an active part of the academic environment in the department and participate in seminars and other academic discussions

Contact information

Telefon: (+47) 73 59 19 10