There is no longer admission to this programme

There is no longer admission to this programme. Please see the doctoral programmes offered by the Faculty of engineering.

PhD in Industrial Ecology

PhD Programme

PhD in Industrial Ecology

The PhD in Industrial Ecology is hosted by the Faculty of Engineering Science in collaboration with the Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences and the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Learning outcome

The PhD in Industrial Ecology programme aims to provide the candidates with an interdisciplinary, theoretical and methodological fundament for research and development activities in relation to design improvements, public and private policy and management, as well as quantitative and qualitative environmental systems analysis. The challenge is to contribute towards improved sustainability on different scales (society, sector, company, products/services), with the major emphasis on how to improve environmental and economic performance of important activities in society.

The programme will be built on the successful experiences of interdisciplinary collaboration at IndEcol so far, as well as our present international network. Students will be able to choose courses from the PhD-catalogue and from the Masters level catalogues at NTNU. In addition they may define courses to study themselves, guided by a tutor at NTNU, or include courses at PhD-level from other universities.

About obtaining a PhD position at IndEcol

We frequently receive request from students from all over the world about taking a PhD in Industrial Ecology at NTNU. Here is how it works. There are two options to take a PhD: (1) You come as an externally financed student. This means that you bring your own scholarship or your company pays for you. (2) You are hired on a PhD scholarship, which is a 3-4 year position at our university. PhD positions are announced on the NTNU vacancy list.

There are no specific dates for announcements, they take place when funding is available, all year round. You apply for a PhD position as you would an ordinary job and according to the specific requirements stated in each announcement. Each announcement also contains information on salary, whom to contact and the scope of the PhD work.

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Contact information

Contact information

Address: Industrial Ecology Programme (IndEcol)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway
Phone: + 47 73 59 38 60

We encourage potential applicants to come here as exchange students or interns. As there are a number of different options, information about coming to NTNU can be obtained through NTNU's International Office and IAESTE .