The Industrial Ecology Doctoral Colloquium

The Industrial Ecology Doctoral Colloquium is a seminar directed at giving doctoral candidates the chance to present their work to a qualified audience with two invited experts appointed as critics for each presentation. For doctoral candidates approaching their final phase of work, the Colloquium will prepare for the defense of the thesis. Candidates early in their project will get advice on research design, choice of methods and the development of hypotheses.

The background for arranging such a seminar is a need experienced by the doctoral candidates for response that goes thoroughly into the content of their doctoral work to a much higher degree than normally achieved when addressing a general audience. Invited Appointed Critics will on such an occasion offer valuable expert and supplementary views in addition to the advice given by supervisors on a regular basis. Doctoral candidates also feel they need more training in presenting their work and that a Colloquium would offer good learning opportunities.

The Colloquium is planned as a central part of the doctoral education at the Industrial Ecology Programme at NTNU. Arranged once each semester, it gives the doctoral candidate a chance to present his or her work two or three times during the completion of the thesis. All doctoral candidates and their supervisors are expected to attend the Colloquium. Members of the Industrial Ecology Forum and Business Partners will be invited particularly. The presentations further appeals to students at the Industrial Ecology Study Programme, and other interested academic staff and students at NTNU.

For each doctoral candidate there will be appointed two Critics with expertise in different fields of interest to the doctoral candidate. Two weeks in advance, the Appointed Critic, the supervisors, the other doctoral candidates and members of the Industrial Ecology Forum will receive a paper, manuscript or other written material that form a basis for the presentation. The Appointed Critics will be specified time for response giving, while supervisors, other doctoral candidates and Forum members are encouraged to take part in the general discussion. The Colloquium lasts for two consecutive days allowing a maximum of two doctoral candidates to present their work each day. The timetable for one presentation will be roughly as follows:

  • Introduction (15 min)
  • Presentation by Doctoral Candidate (45 min)
  • Break (15 min)
  • Criticism Appointed Critic (30 min)
  • Criticism Appointed Critic (30 min)
  • Break (15 min)
  • Discussion (90 min)

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