The coursework component of the PhD-programme in Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture consists of three elements:

  • Advanced studies in theories of science and ethics, 10 ECTS credits
  • Advanced studies in theory and method, 10 ECTS credits
  • Discipline-related element,10 ECTS credits

Advanced studies in theories of science and ethics are offered as the course KULT8851 – Theories of Science. The course is normally offered each semester as three gatherings over two days and applies to all PhD-programmes at the Faculty of Humanities.

Advanced studies in theory and method is offered in the form of KULT8861 - Talk, Text and Interpretation. Doctoral course in Qualitative Methodology. This course is usually held in the Spring semester.

As concerns discipline-related courses, these are offered locally depending on the resources. Local courses consist of KULT8874 - Women's and Gender Studies and KULT8873 - Technology, Science and Culture.

For more information on time and schedule, see the web pages of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture.

Approval of the coursework component and external courses

The coursework component must be approved by the head of the PhD-programme in cooperation with your supervisor. A complete plan for the coursework component should be handed in along with your application to the programme. If you need to adjust this plan you should bring it up with your supervisor and the Head of the PhD-programme. Confirmation of approved changes is sent to the Faculty.

If you plan to take courses outside of NTNU these must be preapproved by the Head of the PhD-programme. It is your responsibility to obtain the necessary information about the course and submit documentation to the Faculty after completing the course.

You may find further information about the coursework component and approval of courses in Section 8 of the PhD-regulations and in the study plan for the Faculty of Humanities.