A supervisor will be appointed at the point of admission to the PhD Programme. The main supervisor is to be a professor or associate professor at one of the departments at The Faculty of Humanities.

Supervisors in the PhD programmes of the Faculty of Humanities must hold a doctorate, either earned in Norway or internationally at an equivalent academic level, or they must have earned the status of Professor as a result of an appraisal.

You can read more about supervision in §8 of Regulations concerning the philosophiae doctor degree (PhD) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Changing supervisor

Writing a PhD dissertation is a long and complicated process and sometimes things do not go according to plan. There are therefore several reasons why candidates sometimes wish to change supervisors or take on an additional supervisor. If this is the case one must follow certain procedures:

  • All involved parties must be informed of the process
  • An application must be written out outlining the reasons for the change. The application should be sent to the Faculty of Humanities through the relevant department
  • Following the new appointment a new Section B of the Contract for the organised Doctoral Degree Programme should be filled out and sent to the Faculty of Humanities.