Doctoral thesis

Doctoral thesis


The doctoral thesis may be written as either a monograph or a compendium of shorter scientific or academic papers that together forms a larger whole (commonly called an article-based thesis). The Faculty of Humanities has compiled some recommendations concerning the writing of an article-based thesis. The requirements to academic level and quality are the same regardless of type of thesis.


Doctoral theses at the Faculty of Humanities are generally written in English or Norwegian, but you may also hand in your thesis in Danish, Swedish, German or French without further consideration. If you wish to use another language than those mentioned above, you must specify this in your application. There is a separate field for language of thesis in the application form. Please enclose a brief argument for why you wish to use another language.


The scope of a PhD-thesis will vary depending on the field, topic and form. There are no absolute requirement and limitations as concerns the length of the thesis, but the Faculty of Humanities generally recommends that the thesis does not exceed 300 pages. The most important thing is that the thesis fulfils the requirements concerning standard and quality as detailed in the PhD-regulations.

You may find former theses handed in at the Faculty of Humanities at NTNU Open.