PhD programme, 3 years

Mathematical Sciences

Educational component

Courses should be selected in relation to the thesis. Subjects for which the exam was taken more than 2 years before admission cannot normally be included in the mandatory 30 SP. The same applies to courses where exams were included for a different degree. The IME faculty may approve up to one (1) course at the PhD level to be included as a part of the educational component of the PhD programme, where the examination was completed before the completion of a master's degree.

In the context of interdisciplinary projects, students can take exams as needed in the doctoral courses from other departments. A maximum of one subject is allowed.

In addition to courses in the PhD catalogue, the following courses are recommended for students in the PhD programme in mathematical sciences. Please note that these courses cannot be included in the 20 credits required from PhD catalogue.

MA3105 Advanced Real Analysis
TMA4170 Fourier Analysis
TMA4175 Complex Analysis
TMA4225 Foundations of Analysis
TMA4230 Functional Analysis
TMA4305 Partial Differential Equations
MA3402 Analysis on Manifolds
MA3403 Algebraic Topology I
MA3405 Algebraic Topology II
TMA4250 Spatial Statistics
TMA4285 Time Series Models
TMA4295 Statistical Inference
TMA4300 Modern Statistical Methods
TMA4205 Numerical Linear Algebra
TMA4220 Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations Using Element Methods
TMA4280 Supercomputing, Introduction
MA3201 Rings and Modules
MA3202 Galois Theory
MA3203 Ring Theory
MA3204 Homological Algebra
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