Mathematical Sciences

PhD programme (doctoral education), Trondheim–Gjøvik

Mathematical Sciences

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Got the first job he applied for after getting his PhD

Name: Carl Fredrik Berg
Study program: Mathematical Sciences, Mathematical subjects, algebra
Graduated from NTNU (annual): 2006
Workplace: Associate professor at IGP (Department of Earth Sciences and Petroleum). Previously worked at Equinor's Research Center from 2007 to 2016.

They are always looking for people who are good at math and who have shown that they can work, says Associate Professor Carl Fredrik Berg. – And that has been proven by taking a doctorate.

Good grief, what a luxury!

Name: Jo Røislien
Study program: Mathematical Sciences
Graduated from NTNU (annual): 2004
Workplace: I am a professor of medical statistics at the University of Stavanger (UiS) and a senior scientist in the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation.

You can sit for weeks on end and dig into the dark corners of books that almost no one else has read, says Jo Røislien. And at what other time in your life can you spend several years figuring out something you think is fun while getting paid full pay?

Got to present research work in Ethiopia

Name: Tale Bakken Ulfsby
Study program: Mathematical Sciences, in a four-year position which includes teaching.

I would probably never have had a chance to do something like that in another job, says Tale Bakken Ulfsby, who is studying a PhD in mathematical sciences.