Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences

PhD in Psychology

PhD in Psychology. Photo: Lena Knutli

This PhD programme will be discontinued from 1 August 2018 and will continue as a specialization under the new PhD programme in Social Sciences.


About the programme

The PhD Programme offered by the Department of Psychology will provide academic support and supervision in the candidate's thesis work so as to qualify for research activity or other work that requires an advanced degree of academic insight.


Applications for admission to the PhD Programme are to be completed in cooperation with the intended supervisor. Applicants are therefore requested to contact the Department of Psychology.

Study plan for the PhD programme in Psychology

The study plan consists of one part that is specific for the PhD-programme in Psychology, and one common part shared by all PhD programmes at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management.


The Faculty is to appoint the supervisor(s). When more than one supervisor is appointed, one of them is to have the main disciplinary responsibility for the candidate's work. 

Contact information

Phone: (+47) 73 59 19 60
Email: kontakt@ips.ntnu.no