PhD programme, 3 years

Engineering Cybernetics

– Admission requirements

Candidates are considered for acceptance upon application on an ongoing basis.
According to NTNU’s PhD regulations, applicants must have a weighted average grade for the last 2 years of their master's programme (120 credits) or equivalent equal to B or better compared with NTNU’s grading system.

In line with regulatory requirements for a “strong academic background”, the applicant is required to document necessary theoretical basic competence from their earlier studies.  Both the bachelor’s degree (or the equivalent of the first 3 years of engineering studies) or the master’s degree (or the equivalent of the last 2 years of engineering studies) must be completed with satisfactory results. For the bachelor's programme, this means an average grade equal to C (GPA> 2.5) or better.

The faculty may require students who do not fully meet the admission requirements to be evaluated (via examination) in certain subjects before admission, or to include qualifying courses in the educational component of the programme. Examination in these subjects must be passed with grade B or better for each of the mandatory topics.