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Multi-disciplinary research school in Educational Research

– About the Research School

The research school focuses on Educational Governance and social inequality, including lifelong learning.

The research school is intended to strengthen research focused on different management strategies and management tools in schools, how these function in practice and how the political aim of social equality is realized in different educational situations.

A core area for research is how recent educational policies, reforms and methods used in schools have contributed to a strengthening or weakening of the idea of 'schools for all', irrespective of gender, social class, ethnicity and family background. This theme is to be illuminated from a Norwegian, European and comparative perspective in terms of current research, theory and debate in the political/educational community.


The research school runs courses in applied theory of science, educational governance, theories and perspectives on social inequality, as well as quantitative and qualitative research methods. Shorter courses/seminars will also be offered on topics tailored to doctoral candidates' projects and requirements.

The research school is intended to be a forum for teaching, supervision and research, as well as providing an arena for new and experienced researchers to meet in dialogue in collaborative projects and seminars. Each semester, a key seminar topic is provided, where doctoral candidates, supervisors and guest lecturers discuss issues that are relevant to the doctoral thesis. Formal training – for doctoral candidates following a full course of study – amounts to 60 credits, and comes in addition to obligatory seminar activities covering six semesters.


The research school is open to candidates from both universities and university colleges. Six positions connected to this programme are to be announced initially. Additionally, external doctoral candidates (locally and nationally) working within this area of research are welcome to participate in courses, as well as being connected – wholly or in part – to the research school. Lectures and supervision in seminars will be provided by high-profile Norwegian researchers in close collaboration with established Scandinavian and European guest lecturers. External participants may have an NTNU-based primary supervisor and external secondary supervisor at their home institution, or – if possible – a primary supervisor at their home institution. The research school is lead by the Dean and a management team, as well as a council of representatives from NTNU and participating institutions. The research school does not replace existing PhD courses at NTNU, but provides an alternative or supplement to the current PhD offering, dependent on background or research interests.

For further information about the research school, courses and doctoral candidacies, please contact Higher Executive Officer Anja Sterten or members of the research school's management team.

Management Team and Contacts:

  • Professor Gunn Imsen, Department of Education and Lifelong Learning, gunn.imsen@svt.ntnu.no .
    Tel. (+47) 73598201
  • Professor Håkon Leiulfsrud, Department of Sociology and Political Science,
    hakon.leiulfsrud@svt.ntnu.no . Tel. (+47)73591791/(+47)73598346
  • Associate Professor Hans Bonesrønning, Department of Economics,
    hans.bonesronning@svt.ntnu.no . Tel. (+47)73591764

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