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  • Photo: Wendy Ann Mansilla


What is Adressaparken

The new outdoor space in the technology capital of Trondheim will be a vibrant laboratory for research and innovation, testing of new solutions, social debate and communication of knowledge related to art and technology.

Adressaparken was established when Adresseavisen moved into new facilities at Verftstomta. The technological infrastructure of the park is a joint cooperation project between AdresseavisenTrondheim municipality, and NTNU. The park is a laboratory for researchers and students at NTNU.


What´s happening

Whats´s happening: NTNU ARTEC

Artist in residence


Artist Joan Heemskerk is part of the collective JODI and is an Artist in Residence for 2017 and has created \/\/iFi.

We get tracked by our movement and smartphone signals and usage. What if we are visually aware of that data and analytics? In Adressaparken visitors can connect to the \/\/iFi hotspots.For the public to be aware of the free  \/\/iFi access there is a sign, in the sculptural form of a beacon flagpole. The visual same looking \/\/iFi hotspots are in a sense Wrong WiFi hotspots and are controlled by the visitors devices and geographical positions.Login to the \/\/iFi hotspots which visualize the survey of devices in Adressaparken and a new net.topology and awareness grows.\/\/iFi exposes the hidden waves of our digital behaviours and movements in Adressaparken and plays with the digital jungle gym we unconsciously already build.


ARTEC Artist in Residence program


The Adressaparken Vision

The park should be an open arena for trying new expressions and new, digital forms of narrative. It should be a place to play, explore and learn – and to wonder, experience and relax.

All visitors should be surprised and excited, through both experiences and participation. The contents and activities will be based on technology, media and art.


Commissioned artist

RGB Playspace

Wendy Ann MansillaArtist Wendy Ann Mansilla is hired to create Adressaparken's interactive art installation in the tunnel: 

RGB Playspace

RGB Playspace is open-ended facility for creative empowerment that can be manipulated and transformed through play. This public art installation invites children and adults alike to physically explore the interactive space to instantly become a composer of music and lights. 

RGB Playspace is an example of art that brings technological change that can benefit everyone. There is a  worldwide social issue of digital awareness being not yet evenly distributed. By bringing art and technology into public spaces, the artist hopes to pilot a new approach in bringing human community and social technology together - through playfulness and humility in face of complexities. 

The artwork raises a question on how we can we innovate the technologies of social communication,  or of peace and governance through art and technology.

RGB Playspaces is supported by Norsk kulturråd.  


Artist in residence


Artist Hannah Mjølsnes and Mike Leisz  are Artists in Residence for 2017 and has created Current.

The work emerged from thinking about the site of Adressaparken as a public space, and as a interactive site with sensors that register information about the temperature of its environment.

As our collaborative work is centered around interaction with natural spaces and phenomena, our thoughts went in the direction of glaciers and working with programming effects that could create connection between Adressaparken, a glacier and the digital field. We thought of currents of traffic and people at Adressaparken, and ice and water being in movement as well as ways to show fluidity and transformation happening in digital space.

ARTEC Artist in Residence program