• Picture from the Park. Photo: Wendy Ann Mansilla

  • Picture from the Park. Photo: Wendy Ann Mansilla
  • Photo: Wendy Ann Mansilla


What is Adressaparken

The new outdoor space in the technology capital of Trondheim will be a vibrant laboratory for research and innovation, testing of new solutions, social debate and communication of knowledge related to art and technology.

Adressaparken was established when Adresseavisen moved into new facilities at Verftstomta. The technological infrastructure of the park is a joint cooperation project between AdresseavisenTrondheim municipality, and NTNU. The park is a laboratory for researchers and students at NTNU.


Synapses Expansion

Wendy Ann MansillaArtist Wendy Ann Mansilla is hired to create Adressaparken's permanent, interactive art installation for the first three years:

Synapses Expansion

Using LED strips, speech and audiovisual projections, Synapses Expansion will transform the park into a model of the human brain, connecting thoughts to a continuous narrative of audiovisual information.

As visitors move around the park, sensors connected to technological infrastructure will influence the art installation's activity.

Human activity and Synapses Expansion will together constitute a current subject in the social debate.


The development team



The Adressaparken Vision

The park should be an open arena for trying new expressions and new, digital forms of narrative. It should be a place to play, explore and learn – and to wonder, experience and relax.

All visitors should be surprised and excited, through both experiences and participation. The contents and activities will be based on technology, media and art.


What's happening


The Park – Blix (Adresseavisen), Nedreberg (Adresseavisen), Wallin (Trondheim kommune), NTNU (Johan E. Hustad)

– A vibrant laboratory in the middle of the city. Former Chief Editor Arne Blix, Adresseavisen; General Manager Tove Nedreberg, Adresseavisen; Adviser Ulrika Wallin, Trondheim municipality; Pro-Rector for Innovation Johan E. Hustad, NTNU. Photo: Ole Martin Wold / Adresseavisen.