Connecting Cities

Connecting Cities

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Connecting Cities is a European and worldwide expanding network aiming to build up a connected infrastructure of media facades, urban screens and projection sites to circulate artistic and socio-cultural content. Urban Media Environments present new opportunities for communication in the public space: they engage citizens in artistic processes and enable them to shape their urban environments in a collaborative way. The initiative sets up and tests this infrastructure of Urban Media Facades through a series of Connecting Cities events, workshops, conferences and artists’ programmes like research residencies and mobile urban media labs. These process oriented interventions and public activities constitute the heart of Connecting Cities. In opposition to the commercial use of these urban media, Connecting Cities explores them as platforms on which citizens can exchange – within the city as much as between cities.

We investigate the potentials of Connecting Cities in 3 scenarios and city visions:

The NETWORKED CITY 2013 enables a dialogue and exchange between the citizens through artistic city-to-city interventions with the medium of urban screens and media facades. They transform into a platform of transcultural encounters and exchange.

The PARTICIPATORY CITY 2014 opens the urban media facades as a community platform to engage the public audience in participatory creative interventions and aims at the regeneration and community building of urban spaces.

The VISIBLE CITY 2015 focuses on invisibly generated data through open source and sensor networks and visualizes the data in creative scenarios on urban media facades in real-time.

The Connecting Cites Network is iniated by Public Art Lab Berlin and currently involves 21 European and 10 international and partners in 28 cities, who aim at building up a networked infrastructure of urban media facades for the circulation of artistic works.

Partners of the Connecting Cities Network

Public Art Lab Berlin – Ars Electronica Futurelab Linz – Medialab-Prado Madrid – FACT Liverpool – Foundation Bauhaus Dessau – Videospread Marseille – Marseille-Provence 2013 – iMal Brussels – Riga 2014 – BIS (Body Process Arts Association) Istanbul – FACT Liverpool – m-cult Helsinki – Media Architecture Institute Vienna – Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb – University of Aarhus – MUTEK Montreal – Quartier des spectacles Montreal – verve cultural Sao Paulo – Federation Square Melbourne – xm:lab Saarbrücken – Media Arts Lab Sapporo – The Concourse Sydney – Etopia Centre for Art and Technology Zaragoza – International Art Centre Wuhan – Screens in the Wild London – Streaming Museum New York – Illuminating York – Visualia Pula – Open Sky Project Hongkong – PPS New York – Urbane Künste Ruhr - Urban Interfaces Utrecht – JenaKultur Jena

The Connecting Cities Network is supported by the EU Culture Programme 2007-2013.

Public Art Lab Contact Information

Public Art Lab
Brunnenstr. 41 - 10115 Berlin - Germany

office +49 (0)30-89631812

Susa Pop, Curator, initiator and artistic director of Connecting Cities