Projects and online exhibitions

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The NTNU University Library aims to offer modern library services, and there is always plenty of activity involving projects, presentations and exhibitions. The activities are related to the library’s 4 strategic areas of focus:

  • Research and publishing
  • Innovative education and innovative learning environments
  • Accessibility and digital content
  • Competence and organizational development



Room for new knowledge (2015-) at the Medicine and Health Library

This project aims to develop the physical library and related library services at the Medicine and Health Library, through mapping actual use, as well as through interviews and other forms of feedback.

This project is part of the overall mission to establish and develop an integrated medicine and health science library for NTNU, formerly HiST and St.Olavs Hospital at Campus Øya - in line with the assignment given by the Ministry of Education and Research.
Report (2013-2015): Medicine and Health Library - a unique model for library cooperation (in Norwegian)

Project managers: Karen Johanne Buset, Idun Knutsdatter Østerdal and Anja Johansen

Redesign of VIKO (2015- )

VIKO (Your guide to information literacy) is an online course that provides help for handling references and searches. The project will totally renew VIKO. The goal is to provide content, which covers the need students have to write an academic text.

To reach the primary users, the students of NTNU, we will use the tool “Innsida”. We will also offer an external solution for everyone - mainly other universities and colleges. We are also in contact with the university school project who wish to use VIKO in high school.

Project managers: Marit Brodshaug and Harald Sandal Bøhn

ARK4: An interactive heritage library. (2014-2016)

ARK4 aims to convey content from archives using gaming technology to disseminate information. Using new and innovative technology the project delivers knowledge of the past to a wider and younger audience. ARK4 has launched its games for schoolchildren and university students and has established a digital gaming platform. The project investigates also on how games can support learning and is based on the knowledge and methods of museology and 'serious games'. Read more about the ARK4 project at the blog ARK4 - Digital Heritage Library Project.
Project report: ARK4 A Interactive Heritage Library, Phase 2, Part 1

Project manager: Alexandra Angeletaki

Fri, 03 Mar 2017 13:06:33 +0100


ostrich fern - illustration in Flora Norvegica

Flora Norvegica

In 2016, Norway's first flora book, Flora Norvegica, celebrates 250 years. The first part of the flora book was published by bishop Johan Ernst Gunnerus in 1766. The latter part was published posthumously in 1774. The plant descriptions include information on where and when they were found, their dialect names and the way the plants can be used. Flora Norvegica online exhibition

Portrait of a girl - illustrating the NTNU photo collection

A glimpse into the NTNU photo collection

NTNU University Library has collected images from over a hundred years, and the collection has now grown to about a million photographs and negatives. There are also other exciting historical material, and the image collection is a rich source of both human history, local history and the history of photography. NTNU photo collection online exhibition

Online exhibition of Lost forever

Lost forever

The old Assyrian ruin cities Ninive and Nimrud were damaged during the act of war in 2014 and 2015. The Englishman Austen Henry Layard excavated the two cities in the 1840’s. Layard’s books about the excavations became very popular. Gunnerus Library has the first edition of them. These two books became an important documentation of a cultural heritage which is now gone. Lost forever online exhibition

Online exhibition of NTNU University Library's Centenary

NTNU University Library’s Centenary

Online exhibition on the 2012 centenary of the NTNU University Library (pdf in Norwegian, 30 MB)
A series with pictures: NTNU UB 100 years