Comparative Medicine Core facility

Comparative Medicine Core facility is one of the core facilities at the Medical Faculty. The core facility will provide assistance in medical research involving laboratory animals at NTNU, St. Olav's Hospital and other research institutions.

The core facility is approved to handle housing of different small and large animals. There is a transgenic breeding unit, specific pathogene free (SPF) unit, I3 laboratory and a quarantene unit. Several operation rooms, labs and equipment are available for both small and large animals. 

Comparative Medicine Core facility is co-located with the National Center for Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery (NSALK) and organizes courses in cooperation with them.

Other courses organized by the core are courses in laboratory animal science.



CoMed News

Closing Quarantine at CoMed


Because of construction work, we have to temporarily close our quarantine unit, large animal unit and I3 lab from the 1st of January 2015 and for most of 2015. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We will inform about date for reopening as soon as we have more information. Please contact Anne Åm  or Trine Skoglund if you have any questions.

Updated 16.12.2014


Temporary downtime of iLab at CoMed

From 3 January to 4 January iLab will be transitioning all of its European-based sites to a new server. During this time the iLab booking of rooms at the Comparative Medicine Core Facility will be down. On 5 January, all data and information will be accessible on the URL If you have any questions, please submit a ticket in the iLab system by clicking on the ‘leave iLab feedback’ button at the top of the screen or you can send an email to
Updated 12.12.2014


New price list at CoMed

With the introduction of the new Total Cost Model CoMed has to include all costs in prices of equipment and services. Please see the price list for 2015 (word). For NTNU users, 'bidrags' prices apply, while as of today, for all other users 'oppdrags' prices apply. Make sure to include the new prices in your grant applications!

Please contact our coordinator Janne Østvang with all questions you might have.

Updated 12.12.2014

Contact information

Phone during working hours:         +47 72571690

Responsible veterinary/ Scientific leader:
Anne Åm, Phone: +47 72 57 33 99

Daily manager:
Phone: +47 72571678

Large animals:
Phone: +47 72571681/ +47 72571666

Quarantene unit:+47 72 57 16 42

Transgenic unit: +47 72 57 16 45

I3 unit: +47 72 57 16 48


Urgent situations after working hours: +47 92 84 15 85