Guidelines for the applicant

Documentation of an applicant’s pedagogical qualifications

In order to form a basis for the evaluation of an applicant's pedagogical qualifications, please give a documented account of these qualifications based on the following list of elements:


Pedagogical education

Diploma of Education or similar pedagogical courses;

  • please specify the name of the courses, when you passed them, their duration and at which academic institutions they were taken.

Teaching experience

Teaching experience from university or college;

  • please mention in which courses/subjects you have taught, at which level, form of teaching, and for how long.

Experience from the supervision of students

Experience from individual supervision or supervision of groups at university or college;

  • please specify which level (main subject level, research fellows), number of candidates and the period(s) of time you did this supervision.

Experience from examinations

Experience from examinations from university or college;

  • please specify what kinds of examinations (written examination, oral examination, practice, other kinds of examinations),  what subjects/which level, experience as examiner, number of examinations, number of candidates.

Pedagogically related experience

Experience from planning, developing new teaching methods,  participating in the evaluation of pedagogically related problems;

  • please specify what kinds of projects, number of courses, the period(s) of time, form of teaching.

Evaluation of your own teaching

Your own teaching in the form of lectures, courses, seminars and similar teaching at university or college;

  • please specify the methods of evaluation and, if possible, self-evaluation.

Textbooks and teaching material etc. for the higher educational sector

Textbooks and teaching material etc. for university- or college levels (author or co-author);

  • please specify if these are scientific textbooks, compendia (target groups), popular scientific production, other kinds of material, ideas and similar.

Pedagogical research

Participation in pedagogical research on a national or regional basis at university or college.

Administration of education

Experience from administration of education at university- or college level.

Assessment of your need for further pedagogical courses

A self-assessment of your need for further pedagogical courses at university level.


Pedagogical competence or pedagogically related or relevant experience which has not been covered by the points mentioned above.

Enclosures and documentation

Please document the information you have provided above by for instance certificates, reports, plans, testimonials, examination papers, illustrative material, textbooks, compendia and similar.