Hands on demonstrations of VPH-compliant software

Hands on demonstrations of VPH-compliant software

Share, discover and access biomedical resources:  VPH-Share in action

Debora Testi, VPH-Share Platform

The VPH-Share presented the software platform which allows biomedical researchers and clinicians to share data, and tools and to compose them in complex workflows to build new knowledge. The system is accessible via an easy to use web interface and allows searching for resources, the upload/creation of new resources, the remote execution of tools and workflows relying on an efficient cloud platform.

VPH tools from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Poul Michael Fonss Nielsen

This tutorial highlighted three VPH-compliant tools, PMR2, OpenCOR, and MAP Client. PMR2 is a software framework for providing data and knowledge repositories, with the data encapsulated in version controlled workspaces. OpenCOR is a tool for model editing, annotation, and simulation, initially based on CellML but extensible to other model encoding standards. The MAP Client is a workflow editor and execution tool being developed in order to capture the semantics of workflows.