VPH2014 satellite symposia

VPH2014 satellite symposia

Model-guided phenomics – a new concept for biobanks and population studies?

September 9 2014, Knowledge Centre at Trondheim University Hospital
The satellite symposium adressed to which degree computational physiology in the broad sense may become an unprecedented guide for identifying which new phenotypic data (and thus which new phenotyping technologies) should be selected in the context of biobanks and large population-based studies, and how such data may become transformative for the development of a Quantitative Human Physiome.

Press release: Leading European biobank establishes collaborative ties with computational physiology

Knowledge management and the future of our societies

September 8-9 2014, NTNU Campus
The satellite symposium focused on the building of knowledge management structures, broadly understood as computing systems built to collect, make sense of and reason about information of biological parts and their dynamic interactions.