Travel Awards for VPH conference

Travel Awards for VPH conference

The VPH INSTITUTE have established Travel Awards with the purpose of allowing young researchers to participate  at  the  next  VPH  conferences  with  priority  to  researchers  from  countries  with  low income (based on GDP per capita).

Any young researcher who is undertaking a post-graduate training in related disciplines, or has obtained his/her post-graduate degree in the last five  years, who presents a promising research career  and  who  has  an  accepted  paper  for  the  upcoming  VPH  Conference  as  oral  or  poster presentation is eligible.

VPHI announces the winners of the VPH2014 travel award

The VPH institute is happy to announce the winners of the 5 bursary of €400 that will be assigned to cover part of the travelling expenses to attend the forthcoming VPH2014 conference.

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