Guide to Norwegian on the Web

Navigate through the NoW course by means of the tabs on top of the page, and the menu on the left side. All chapters in the row of tabs have the same setup:

The four topmost links in the left menu lead to texts about Ken, Anna, Maria and Peter, who arrive from their respective countries to Trondheim, in order to study at NTNU. Each chapter focuses on a few specific themes, with some variations and extensions in each text. This way, there will be some new elements and some repetition in all the texts.

Recommended approach to working with the course:

Start at the top, click Ken. Now click the player (to the right of the caption 1 Ken) and listen to the sound file as you read the text. Click the Vocabulary link at the top right for translations of all new words.

Don't do the exercises yet, rather go to Grammar in the menu on the left, where you will be explained the grammar that will aid in your work with the exercises.

Now go back to Ken and do the exercises in the blue box at the bottom right under the picture. Once you have completed these, you can proceed to

Pronunciation. Having studied the content in this entry in the menu, move on to

Listening exercises and work on the Ken exercise there.

Back on the text page you will always find a link with extra material just over the picture on the right. Under 1 Ken it's called Numerals (extras). Study the material under this link before moving on the next text in the menu on the left, which is Anna. Work here in just the same way as under the Ken text, before proceeding to Maria and Peter.

Prior to moving on to the next chapter, you may want to check that you have learnt what you are supposed to. In the menu on the left all the exercises are collected under Exercises. Even if you have already done these on the text pages, it might be worth your while doing them all one more time as a way of repeating.

Furthermore, you should check Vocabulary in the left side menu, where you'll find the entire vocabulary for the chapter in question. How many of the new words have you learnt? You ought to know a minimum of 80% of these before moving on.

Under the link Extras lies the dessert of the chapter – new material (extra extras, as it were) in addition to the extras which can be found in the right side column by each text, and which are collected here; lists of useful vocabulary, podcasts, short video clips, etc. All of these items are related to what you will learn in the chapter in question, and offer variation in the learning process.

Now you can move on to the next chapter and continue in the same fashion.

In addition to the course features offered by NoW, you will find an external link called Grammar checker at the bottom of the navigation menu for each chapter. Via an information site, this will take you to a gadget which lets you test the grammatical correctness of freely chosen Norwegian sentences.

 Good luck and have fun!


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