• Main building

  • Campus. by E. Børseth

  • Dragvoll Campus by NTNU/Arne Aspfjell

  • Dragvoll campus by Erik Børseth, Synlig design og foto as/NTNU

  • Wharf buildings along the Nidelva in Bakklandet. Photo:Mentz Indergaard/NTNU

  • The green next to Nidaros Cathedral, by Trondheim Municipality

  • Bymarka




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Treating cancer - with Botox

(21.08.2014)  New research spearheaded by researchers from NTNU and Columbia University details how Botox can limit cancer cell growth. Read coverage on the BBC's website.

Norwegian salmon can be supercool

(20.08.2014) Keeping fish fresh is a perennial problem. Now NTNU researchers have developed a method to supercool salmon, which enables it to stay fresh for a month.

Uncovering the hidden companies in international trade

(18.08.2014) They 're companies you've never heard of - but are critical to world trade.

an independent, non-profit company with 370 members from 40 countries. - See more at: http://gemini.no/en/notiser/2014/08/global-leader-in-climate-research/#sthash.Aqs1Nlwb.dpuf

Learn Norwegian

Want to get a jump start on learning Norwegian? NTNU's Department of Language and Literature has developed Norwegian on the Web (NoW), an Internet-based all-in-one beginner Norwegian course.
Try it Norwegian on the Web

It's called a goat boat, but it's no goat!

What is lost when old boat-building traditions give way to more modern approaches? When researchers looked at how an older, handcrafted boat performed, they found some surprising answers.


The secret life of the sea trout

Researchers need to know why species numbers for fish like the sea trout are on the decline. But they can't ask the fish what's happening, so -- they spy on them.


A high-flying student assignment

Watch what this group of students found out when they mounted "virtual reality eyes" on a drone. Created by students in NTNU's unique Experts in Teamwork course.

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