Strategic Research Areas 2014–2023

Strategic Research Areas 2014–2023

Research, education and innovation are lifted and intensified through interdisciplinary collaboration with NTNU’s strategic research areas NTNU Energy, NTNU Health, NTNU Oceans and NTNU Sustainability.

NTNU Health


Health iconNTNU Health

Innovative solutions to complex health challenges

We develop better tools for early diagnostics and effective treatment and research structure to more integrated solutions. 

Director: Researcher Magnus Steigedal


NTNU Energy


Energy iconNTNU Energy

Energy for a better society

Development and integration of a renewable and sustainable energy supply is a key challenge for the world community. We contribute to such a transition.

Director: Professor Johan E. Hustad


NTNU Oceans


Oceans iconNTNU Oceans

Knowledge for a sustainable ocean

We contribute to Norway’s role as a maritime nation through research and outreach activities as Ocean Week.

Director: Associate Professor Siri Granum Carson