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NTNU Community

NTNU Community

Knowledge for an inclusive and democratic society

Strategic research area 2024–2031

About the research area NTNU Community

Through interdisciplinary research, NTNU Community aims to contribute to a viable democracy that safeguards the common good, strengthens trust and cohesion across different groups, and reduces exclusion and polarization.

The societal challenges that NTNU Community addresses include:

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Social challenges

Social challenges

Social challenges are complex and require an interdisciplinary perspective both to understand the mechanisms and processes at work and to contribute to solutions.

What types of communities exist?

  • Institutional communities are, for example, political and legal systems.
  • Place-based communities can be city districts or local communities.
  • Cultural communities can be communities around certain art and cultural expressions, or linguistic communities.
  • Technologically mediated communities are, for example, digital networks, or algorithms and artificial intelligence.