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PhD opportunities

NTNU's PhD positions are continuously posted online. A doctoral degree from NTNU qualifies you for a range of jobs both in the public and private sectors.

Master's programmes

Application deadline:

Non-EU/non-EEA students: 1 December. Please note the tuition fee

EU/EEA / students: 1 March

Nordic students: 15 April

Exchange students

Exchange students who want to take courses at NTNU, or those who want to work with projects, an internship or write their master's thesis.

For refugees

Temporary student places for refugees who have registered for collective protection or received individual asylum in Norway.  

Application deadline:
1 December





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A dove with an olive branch and the colours from the ukrainian flag

Invasion of Ukraine

Information to refugees, staff and students about the consequences of the war. NTNU follows advice and guidelines from national authorities.
Information page Ukraine
A small insect

New species

You don’t get to discover a new insects and arachnids numbering in the hundreds every day. Most of the new discoveries were of the biting midge variety.
Norwegian SciTech News
 engineers are running a SisAl experiment for the first time in an in-house designed tray

Green silicon

“We see no technical obstacles to being able to produce silicon without CO2 emissions within the next two to three years,” says Maria Wallin at NTNU.
Norwegian SciTech News
Students working on a computer

New Master of Science

Starting in September 2023, a new Master of Science responds to the demand for over one million high-profile professionals with multidisciplinary knowledge in the hydrogen technology sector by 2030.

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