Being a new student at NTNU

Courses and study programmes for refugees

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Courses and study programmes for refugees

We are allocating temporary student places in Trondheim, Gjøvik and Ålesund for refugees who have registered for collective protection or received individual asylum in Norway in 2022 from this autumn onward. Please note that you must be present in Norway when applying.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Being a new student from Ukraina

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology offers a wide range of master’s degrees taught in English. Although the application deadline was 20 April, refugees who have registered for collective protection or received individual asylum in Norway in 2022 are still eligible to apply.

Master's programmes taught in English

Please note that there are no exceptions from the admission requirements for international master's programmes. 

NTNU offers a wide range of single courses, in various academic disciplines, taught in English.

Single courses taught in English

Single courses on a master's level require that you have completed a bachelor degree in a relevant field and that you cover the same English language requirement as the international master's programmes have

Single courses on a bachelor’s level may have additional requirements that you can either cover with a secondary school specialisation in these particular subjects, or a relevant specialisation in these subjects at undergraduate level:

  • Biology courses require mathematics, as well as one additional natural science
  • Courses within architecture, computer and information science, engineering, physics, and technology, generally require mathematics and physics
    • Courses within technology, as well as TPD4121, SØK1151, and FY2045, also have a grade requirement in mathematics

Refugees who want to learn Norwegian are welcome to apply for level 1 (beginner's course) of the Norwegian for Foreigners course either in Trondheim or Ålesund/Gjøvik. This course consists of 78 hours of classroom teaching in total, 6 hours per week for a duration of 13 weeks.

You need to have English language skills equivalent to level B1 to be considered for admission for level 1.

Online beginner's Norwegian course

NTNU also offers internet-based Norwegian language learning resource for beginners for anyone wanting to learn Norwegian. 

  1. Register your application on NTNU's Søknadsweb within 15 August.
  2. If you do not have a Norwegian ID number yet, please choose "Login International Applicant" to register yourself using your email address and a password.
  3. Select "Admission for refugees" on Søknadsweb. 
  4. Choose the study programmes or courses you want to apply for.
    • If you want to take single courses, please write both the code and the name of the course(s) in the comment field in your application.
  5. Upload the required documentation (see "Admission requirements" on this web page).

We will send you an email if there is documentation missing from your application.

Please note that you must be present in Norway when applying.

Minimum requirements for admission

For the academic year 2022/2023, higher education institutions may make exceptions from the general admission requirements for individuals with collective protection or asylum in Norway. On the NOKUT web page you will find the general minimum requirements for admission to higher education in Norway for applicants with foreign education.  


After registering your application, please upload the following documents on Søknadsweb: 

  • Documentation of completed high school or higher secondary school
  • Documentation of your higher education
    • Applicants who cannot document the higher education requirement are welcome to apply, and will be assessed individually. 
  • Translations of educational documents to English or a Scandinavian language if you have this
  • A card for asylum seekers (asylsøkerbevis) or other documentation showing that you have a residence permit as an asylum seeker
  • Documentation of your English language skills

English language requirement

As all courses are taught in English, you need to have a good command of the English language, and you may need to provide TOEFL/IELTS test scores. Applicants who lack an English language test will be given the opportunity to take a test, funded by NTNU, to document their language proficiency. We will contact you if this applies to you.  

Our international master's programmes require that you cover the English language requirement in one of the ways described on our web page


Admissions will operate on a first come, first served basis.

For more information about the education system, credits, and the grading system in Norway, as well as general information about being a student in Norway, you can have a look at the following web page:

PhD opportunities, staff and academics working at NTNU

At the moment, our best recommendation for refugees that would like to take a PhD is to apply for relevant vacant PhD positions at NTNU. NTNU is committed to open merit-based recruitment.  

You may also contact potential supervisors within your field and discuss the possibility to apply for funding of a PhD within your interest field. Such an application process may take some time (a year or more) depending on the financing institution. 

Note that you must have a residence permit to work in Norway also as a PhD candidate. Academic staff may obtain residence permits for skilled workers. Refugees who have been granted collective protection may also work in Norway. 

Please note that we cannot accept applications sent via email.

Questions regarding application and admission:

General questions:

Questions regarding Norwegian language courses:

For new students

For new students

The Orientation Week is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know NTNU


Refugees who are students at other universities are welcome to use the university library, canteen and common areas.

Master's programmes in English

Master's programmes in English

Programme of study Degree City
Biotechnology MSc Trondheim
Chemistry MSc Trondheim
Childhood Studies MPhil Trondheim
Dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage   Trondheim

Electric Power Engineering

MSc Trondheim
Electronic Systems Design MSc Trondheim
English Linguistics and Language Acquisition MPhil Trondheim
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry MSc Trondheim
European Studies  MA Trondheim
Digital Infrastructure and Cyber Security MSc Trondheim
Geotechnics and Geohazards MSc Trondheim
Globalisation and Sustainable Development   MSc Trondheim
Global Health MSc Trondheim
Global Manufacturing Management MSc Trondheim
Hydropower Development MSc Trondheim
Industrial Design MSc Trondheim
Industrial Ecology MSc Trondheim
Informatics  MSc Trondheim
Interaction Design   Gjøvik
Information Security  MSc Gjøvik
International Business and Marketing MSc Ålesund
Marine Technology MSc Trondheim
Materials Science and Engineering MSc Trondheim
Mathematical Sciences MSc Trondheim
Molecular Medicine MSc Trondheim
Natural Gas Technology MSc Trondheim
Natural Resources Management MSc Trondheim
Naval Architecture MSc Ålesund
Neuroscience MSc Trondheim
Ocean Resources MSc Trondheim
Petroleum Engineering  MSc Trondheim
Petroleum Geosciences  MSc Trondheim
Physics  MSc Trondheim
Physical Activity and Health  MSc Trondheim
Product and System Engineering MSc Ålesund
Product and System Design  MSc Ålesund
Project Management  MSc Trondheim
Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety MSc Trondheim

Science in Informatics

MSc Trondheim
Simulation and visualisation MSc Ålesund
Sustainable Chemical and Biochemical Engineering MSc Trondheim
Sustainable Energy  MSc Trondheim
Sustainable Manufacturing MSc Gjøvik


Single courses taught in English

Single courses taught in English

Bachelor courses

Course code Course name Campus Field of study
AAR4360 The Theory and History of Architecture B Trondheim Architecture
AAR4366 Architecture 5 City and Town Planning Trondheim Architecture
AAR4367 City- and Planning Knowledge Trondheim Architecture
AAR4430 History of Architecture and Architectural Theory Trondheim Architecture
AE302216 Intermediate Corporate Finance Ålesund Economics and Administration
AIS2101 Intelligent Systems Ålesund Computer and Information Science
AIS2202 Cybernetics Ålesund Computer and Information Science
AIS2203 Real-Time Cyber-Physical Systems Ålesund Computer and Information Science
AIS2204 Machine Vision Ålesund Computer and Information Science
AIS2211 Biomedical engineering Ålesund Computer and Information Science
AIS2221 Industrial Project Ålesund Computer and Information Science
AM302112 Marketing Research Ålesund Economics and Administration
AM303718 Consumer Insight and Branding Ålesund Economics and Administration
AM304016 International marketing Ålesund Economics and Administration
ARK2001 Archaeological Production of Knowledge I Trondheim Archaeology
BARN2001 Children's Rights in a Global Perspective Trondheim Social Sciences
BARN2003 Introductory course to Childhood Studies Trondheim Social Sciences
BBAN3001 Essentials of Business Analytics Trondheim Economics and Administration
BBOA3010 Corporate Finance Trondheim Economics and Administration
BEV2008 Fitness and Performance Assessment Trondheim Human Movement Sciences
BI1006 Animal Structure and Function Trondheim Biology
BI1007 Plant Structure and Function Trondheim Biology
BI2014 Molecular Biology Trondheim Biology
BI2017 Genetics and Evolution I Trondheim Biology
BI2021 Plant Ecophysiology Trondheim Biology
BI2022 Plant growth and Development Trondheim Biology
BI2034 Community Ecology and Eco Systems Trondheim Biology
BI2043 Biodiversity and Conservation Biology I Trondheim Biology
BIA3003 Introduction to research methods Ålesund Biology
BIA3004 Aquaculture research topics Ålesund Aqua Culture
BØA3031 Sport Business and Economics Trondheim Economics and Administration
ELDI2002 Control for Digital Electric Energy Trondheim Engineering
ENG1004 Society, Culture, Language Trondheim Languages
ENG1302 Literature: Drama and Poetry Trondheim Languages
ENG2153 First and Second Language Acquisition Trondheim Languages
ENG2155 Theoretical Approaches to English Language Trondheim Languages
ENG2302 Literature and History Trondheim Languages
ENG2455 History and Politics Trondheim Languages
ENG2501 Interdisciplinary Course Trondheim Languages
EUR2102 European Identity Trondheim European Studies
EUR2201 European Integration Theory Trondheim European Studies
FILM2201 Documentary Trondheim Languages
FRA1110 Introduction to French history and literature Trondheim Languages
FRA1210 French grammar and phonology 1 Trondheim Languages
FRA2203 Advanced Course in French Literature Trondheim Languages
FRA2301 French linguistics Trondheim Languages
FRA2305 Summary and translation Trondheim Languages
FRA2410 Contemporary French History Trondheim Languages
FVP2004 Documentary Trondheim Film Studies
FY2045 Quantum Mechanics I Trondheim Physics
GEOG2017 Energy transition and sustainable development Trondheim Geography
HFEL0010 Introduction to Norwegian History Trondheim History
HIST2008 Economic History Trondheim History
IDATA2302 Algorithms and Data Structures Ålesund Computer and Information Science
IDATA2303 Data Modeling and Database Applications Ålesund Computer and Information Science
IDATA2304 Computer communication and network programming Ålesund Computer and Information Science
IDATA2501 Information security Ålesund Computer and Information Science
IDATA2502 Cloud service administration Ålesund Computer and Information Science
IDATA2503 Mobile applications Ålesund Computer and Information Science
IDATA2504 Game development Ålesund Computer and Information Science
IDATT2505 Extended Reality (XR) Trondheim Computer and Information Science
IDG1100 Web Fundamentals Gjøvik Design
IDG1292 Web Coding Gjøvik Design
IDG1362 Introduction to User-Centered Design Trondheim Design
IDG2009 Communication Gjøvik Design
IDG2012 Web Accessibility, Usability and Ethics Gjøvik Design
IDG3006 Web of Things Gjøvik Design
IDG3950 Wayfinding systems Gjøvik Design
IELEG2113 Programmable Circuits Gjøvik Engineering
IELEG2213 Electrical Project Gjøvik Engineering
IELEG2214 Wireless Sensors Gjøvik Engineering
IELEG2215 Electronic Communication Gjøvik Engineering
IELET1001 Electrical engineering 1 Trondheim Engineering
INGT2011 Renewable Energy Electives Trondheim Engineering
INTRO175 Introduction to Norway Trondheim Social Sciences
KP3010 Introduction to separation processes Trondheim Engineering
MASG2113 Parametric design Gjøvik Engineering
MFEL1010 Medicine for Non-Medical Students, Introduction Trondheim Medicine
MRK2015 Managing Business Relationships Trondheim Economics and Administration
MRK3015 Consumer Behaviour Trondheim Economics and Administration
MUSV1101 Music, nature, and climate crisis Trondheim Music
MUSV1102 Film Music Trondheim Music
NEVR2010 Introduction to Neuroscience Trondheim Medicine
NEVR2030 Condensed Introduction to Neuroscience Trondheim Medicine
PED1022 Education and the Welfare State Trondheim Social Sciences
PED1023 Body, Mind and Culture: Basic Approaches to Education Trondheim Social Sciences
POL1005 Geopolitical Risk Trondheim Social Sciences
POL2024 The Politics of Climate Change Trondheim Social Sciences
POL2025 America in the World Trondheim Social Sciences
PSY2012 Cognitive Psychology 2 Trondheim Social Sciences
PSY2103 Environmental Psychology Trondheim Social Sciences
RVI1050 Introduction to Christianity Trondheim Religion
SANT2023 Anthropology of Organisations and Sustainability Trondheim Social Sciences
SOS2501 Norwegian Society Trondheim Social Sciences
SPA1100 Spanish Language 1 Trondheim Languages
SPA1201 Spanish Proficiency Trondheim Languages
SPA1401 Latin American Culture and History Trondheim Languages
SPA2501 Culture and history in the Spanish-speaking countries in the 20th and 21st centuries Trondheim Languages
SPA2502 Hispanic Contemporary Literature Trondheim Languages
SPA2503 Specialization in Spanish Linguistics Trondheim Languages
SØK1004 Statistics for Economists Trondheim Economics and Administration
SØK1151 Macroeconomics for Managers Trondheim Economics and Administration
SØK2009 International Macroeconomics Trondheim Economics and Administration
SØK2012 Behavioral Economics Trondheim Economics and Administration
TDT4258 Low-Level Programming Trondheim Technology
TEK2002 EcoDesign Gjøvik Engineering
TEK3002 Project Work for Exchange Bachelor Students Gjøvik Engineering
TEP4135 Fluid Mechanics 2 Trondheim Technology
TFE4146 Semiconductor Devices Trondheim Technology
TFE4152 Design of Integrated Circuits Trondheim Technology
TFY4185 Measurement Techniques Trondheim Technology
TFY4300 Energy and Environmental Physics Trondheim Technology
TMA4130 Mathematics 4N - Differential equations and Fourier analysis Trondheim Technology
TMA4145 Linear Methods Trondheim Technology
TMA4215 Numerical Mathematics Trondheim Technology
TMA4265 Stochastic Modeling Trondheim Technology
TMM4204 Nanoscale Surface Dynamic Processes Trondheim Technology
TPD4121 Design 3 - Use Trondheim Design
TPK4165 ERP and PLM Systems Trondheim Technology
TT2010 Music Signal and Audio Perception Trondheim Music Technology
TTK4115 Linear System Theory Trondheim Technology
TTK4240 Industrial Electrotechnics Trondheim Technology
TTT4120 Digital Signal Processing Trondheim Technology
TYSK1003 Language Proficiency 1 Trondheim Languages
TYSK1101 German Grammar 1 Trondheim Languages
TYSK1401 German Literature and Culture 1 Trondheim Languages
TYSK2101 German Grammar 3 Trondheim Languages
TYSK2301 Language Proficiency 3 Trondheim Languages
TYSK2401 Germany and Europe Trondheim Languages
TYSK2403 German Literature and Culture 3 Trondheim Languages

Master courses

Course code Course name Campus Field of study
AAR4528 Design in Context Trondheim Architecture
AAR4609 3Houses Theory Part Trondheim Architecture
AAR4692 Experimental Practice B Trondheim Architecture
AAR4850 Light and Lighting Trondheim Architecture
AAR4851 Urban Triggers Trondheim Architecture
AAR4863 Design in Context - Workshop Trondheim Architecture
AAR4870 Architectural Design of Large Buildings - Theory and Method 1 Trondheim Architecture
AAR4895 Visual Communication 3 Trondheim Architecture
AAR4921 Aesthetic Communication Trondheim Architecture
ARK3003 Museums and Heritage Studies Trondheim Archaeology
BARN3101 Social Studies of Children and Childhood Trondheim Social Sciences
BARN3202 Methodology in Childhood Studies Trondheim Social Sciences
BARN3300 Children and Development in the Global South Trondheim Social Sciences
BFIN4030 FinTech Trondheim Technology
BI3016 Molecular Cell Biology Trondheim Biology
BI3019 Systems Biology: Resources, Standards and Tools Trondheim Biology
BI3020 Advanced Physiology Trondheim Biology
BI3021 Special Zoophysiology Trondheim Biology
BI3037 Freshwater Ecology Trondheim Biology
BI3051 Quantitative Analyses in Ecology and Evolution Trondheim Biology
BI3052 Study Design Trondheim Biology
BI3061 Biological Oceanography Trondheim Biology
BI3067 Aquaculture in the Ecosystem Trondheim Biology
BI3071 Advanced Ecotoxicology Trondheim Biology
BI3072 Environmental Toxicology Trondheim Biology
BI3082 Biodiversity and Conservation Biology II Trondheim Biology
BI3083 Evolutionary and Ecological Genetics Trondheim Biology
BK3186 Culture, Art, Technology Trondheim Architecture
BK3190 Art and Common space Trondheim Architecture
BK3198 Key Concepts of Art Theory Trondheim Architecture
BK3199 Exhibiting and Curating Trondheim Architecture
BMRR4055 Auditing II Trondheim Economics and Administration
BT3090 Internship Project Trondheim Biotechnology
BT3110 Aquatic Food Processing and Technology Trondheim Biotechnology
BT3115 Primary production - Aquaculture and Fisheries Trondheim Biotechnology
BT3119 Food Science, Advanced Trondheim Biotechnology
BT3121 Marine resources- research and innovation Trondheim Biotechnology
BT3220 Biotechnology, Advanced Trondheim Biotechnology
ENG3316 Special Subject: English-Language Literature before 1900 Trondheim Languages
ENG3317 Special Subject: Modern English-Language Literature Trondheim Languages
EUR3411 The Political Economy in European Integration History Trondheim European Studies
EUR3413 Governing Europe: Societal Actors, Networks and Lobbying Trondheim European Studies
EUR3414 Differentiated Integration: The Norwegian Case in Perspective Trondheim European Studies
EUR3416 Contesting Europe Trondheim European Studies
EUR3418 The EU as a Global Actor Trondheim European Studies
FARM3003 Pharmaceutical Innovation Trondheim Medicine
FI3010 Philosophy of Mind Trondheim Philosophy
FI5205 Corporate Responsibility and Ethics Trondheim Philosophy
FI5206 Technology for a Good Society Trondheim Philosophy
FIN3005 Asset Pricing Trondheim Economics and Administration
FRA3111 Specialization in French literature Trondheim Languages
FY3107 Mathematical Approximation Methods in Physics Trondheim Physics
FY3114 Functional Materials Trondheim Physics
FY3403 Particle Physics Trondheim Physics
FY3451 Astrophysics 2 Trondheim Physics
GEOG3005 Qualitative Methods Trondheim Social Sciences
GEOG3006 Quantitative Methods Trondheim Social Sciences
GEOG3030 Natural Resources Management Trondheim Social Sciences
GEOG3053 Discourses of Development and Globalisation Trondheim Social Sciences
GEOG3518 Global Production Networks Trondheim Social Sciences
GEOG3523 GIS Data Capture and Mapping Trondheim Social Sciences
GEOG3525 Landscape, Planning and Management Trondheim Social Sciences
GEOG3528 Earth Surface Evolution: observational evidence and numerical modelling Trondheim Social Sciences
HIST3295 International Economic Contemporary History Trondheim Hsitory
IDS4000 Research methods Gjøvik Economics and Administration
IDS4001 Industrial markets and forecast Gjøvik Economics and Administration
IDS4006 Company management Gjøvik Economics and Administration
IE500217 Computer Graphics Ålesund Engineering
IMT4110 Scientific Methodology and Communication Gjøvik Technology
IMT4134 Specialisation in Software Engineering Gjøvik Computer Science
IMT4135 Introduction to Research on Colour and Visual Computing Gjøvik Computer Science
IMT4304 Cross-media Color Reproduction Gjøvik Computer Science
IMT4309 Usability and Human Factors in Interaction Design Gjøvik Technology
IMT4312 Quantitative Methods and Use of Eyetrackers Gjøvik Technology
IMT4316 Information Architecture Gjøvik Technology
IMT4392 Deep Learning for Visual Computing Gjøvik Computer Science
IMT4461 Project Work for Exchange Master Students Gjøvik Computer Science
IMT4884 Advanced Colour Management Gjøvik Computer Science
IMT4886 Applied Computer Science Project Gjøvik Computer Science
IMT4887 Specialisation in Web Technology Gjøvik Computer Science
IMT4889 Specialisation in Decentralised Technologies Gjøvik Computer Science
IMT4890 Specialisation in Video Processing Gjøvik Computer Science
IMT4894 Advanced Project Work Gjøvik Computer Science
IMT4895 Specialisation in Colour Imaging Gjøvik Computer Science
IT3021 Game+ Trondheim Computer Science
IT3023 Learning Technology and Analytics Trondheim Computer Science
IT3024 Research Methods in Human-Computer Interaction Trondheim Computer Science
IT3402 User Interface Design Trondheim Computer Science
IØ3091 Strategic Purchasing Management, Specialization Course Trondheim Technology
KJ3021 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Trondheim Chemistry
KJ3051 Ocean Space: Marine Biogeochemical Processes Trondheim Chemistry
KJ3059 Chromatography, Advanced Course Trondheim Chemistry
KJ3092 Special Syllabus for Master's Degree Trondheim Chemistry
KJ3093 Special Syllabus for Master's Degree Trondheim Chemistry
KJ3975 Chemistry Specialization, Project Work Trondheim Chemistry
LITT3002 Theoretical Approaches to Literature Trondheim Literature
LÆR2002 Education for sustainable development Trondheim Education
MA3201 Rings and Modules Trondheim Mathematics
MA3204 Homological Algebra Trondheim Mathematics
MA3403 Algebraic Topology 1 Trondheim Mathematics
MA3407 Introduction to Lie Theory Trondheim Mathematics
MATV4008 Descriptive Sensory Methods and Statistics and Research Planning Trondheim Technology
MET430 Mathematics II Trondheim Economics and Administration
MFEL3010 Medicine for Students of Natural Sciences and Technology Trondheim Medicine
MH3000 Introduction to Research Methods Trondheim Medicine
MOL3000 Introduction to Molecular Medicine Trondheim Medicine
MOL3005 Immunology Trondheim Medicine
MOL3009 Biobanking Trondheim Medicine
MOL3014 Nanomedicine 1 - Bioanalysis Trondheim Medicine
MOL3023 Molecular Medical Microbiology with Essay Trondheim Medicine
MUSV3132 Music and Social Justice: Artistic Activism and Applied Research in the Twenty-First Century Trondheim Music
NEVR3000 Literacy in Science Trondheim Medicine
PAH3006 Occupational Science and Participation in Everyday Activities Trondheim Health Science
PAH3007 Assistive Technologies (AT) as Enabler of Everyday Activities and Participation Trondheim Health Science
PH3000 Global health Trondheim Medicine
PH3002 Innovation in Global Health Trondheim Medicine
POL3001 Theories of Democracy Trondheim Social Sciences
POL3503 International Political Economy Trondheim Social Sciences
POL3521 The Rise and Decline of Great Powers Trondheim Social Sciences
POL3523 Welfare State and Health Policy: Challenges, Reforms and New Priorities Trondheim Social Sciences
RAD3039 Counselling in Organisations: Process and Development in Coaching, Consulting and Leadership Trondheim Social Sciences
SOS3515 Advanced Social Statistics Trondheim Social Sciences
SOS3519 Organizations and Work in Modern Society Trondheim Social Sciences
SOS3520 Modern Media and Digitalization Trondheim Social Sciences
SPRÅK3002 Theories in Linguistics Trondheim Languages
SPRÅK3200 Semantics and Pragmatics Trondheim Languages
SPRÅK3501 Scientific Communication for Engineers Trondheim Languages
TBT4135 Biopolymers Trondheim Technology
TBT4140 Biochemical Engineering Trondheim Technology
TBT4146 Molecular Genetics Trondheim Technology
TBT4506 Biopolymeric Materials and Statistics and Research Planning, Specialization Course Trondheim Technology
TBT4507 Bioinformatics and Statistics and Research Planning, Specialization Course Trondheim Technology
TEP4165 Computational Heat and Fluid Flow Trondheim Technology
TEP4305 Industrial Ecology, Seminar – Critical Review and Communication of Science Trondheim Technology
TEP4315 Indoor Environment Trondheim Technology
TET4120 Electric Drives Trondheim Technology
TET4160 Insulating Materials for High Voltage Applications Trondheim Technology
TET4205 Power System Analysis 2 Trondheim Technology
TET5100 Electromagnetic Analysis in Power Engineering Trondheim Technology
TFE4141 Design of Digital Systems 1 Trondheim Technology
TFE4161 Photonics I Trondheim Technology
TFE4169 Nanoelectronics Trondheim Technology
TFE4187 Analog CMOS 1 Trondheim Technology
TFE4205 Student Defined Development Project Trondheim Technology
TFY4205 Quantum Mechanics II Trondheim Technology
TFY4225 Nuclear and Radiation Physics Trondheim Technology
TFY4230 Statistical Physics Trondheim Technology
TFY4255 Materials Physics Trondheim Technology
TFY4265 Biophysical Micromethods Trondheim Technology
TFY4275 Stochastic processes and transport theory Trondheim Technology
TFY4315 Biophysics of Ionizing Radiation Trondheim Technology
TFY4320 Physics of Medical Imaging Trondheim Technology
TFY4345 Classical Mechanics Trondheim Technology
TIØ4145 Corporate Finance Trondheim Technology
TIØ4146 Finance for Science and Technology Students Trondheim Technology
TIØ4180 Innovation Management and Strategy Trondheim Technology
TIØ4195 Environmental Management and Corporate Governance Trondheim Technology
TIØ4265 Strategic Management Trondheim Technology
TIØ4282 Digital Strategy and Business Models Trondheim Technology
TIØ4306 Strategies for Industrial Sustainability Trondheim Technology
TIØ4345 Management of Business Relationships and Networks Trondheim Technology
TIØ4585 Energy Market Design and Policy, Specialization Course Trondheim Technology
TKJ4180 Physical Organic Chemistry Trondheim Technology
TKJ4200 Irreversible Thermodynamics Trondheim Technology
TKJ4205 Molecular Modelling Trondheim Technology
TKJ4510 Applied Theoretical Chemistry, Specialization Project Trondheim Technology
TKJ4520 Organic Chemistry, Specialization Project Trondheim Technology
TKJ4540 Analytical Chemistry, Specialization Project Trondheim Technology
TKP4140 Process Control Trondheim Technology
TKP4155 Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Trondheim Technology
TKP4158 Hydrometallurgical Process Technology Trondheim Technology
TKP4160 Transport Phenomena Trondheim Technology
TKP4170 Process Design, Project Trondheim Technology
TKP4176 Process operation and safety Trondheim Technology
TKP4515 Catalysis, Specialization Course Trondheim Technology
TKP4525 Colloid and Polymer Chemistry, Specialization Course Trondheim Technology
TKP4535 Environmental Engineering and Reactor Technology, Specialization Course Trondheim Technology
TKP4555 Process Systems Engineering, Specialization Course Trondheim Technology
TKP4570 Nanotechnology, Specialization Project Trondheim Technology
TKP4580 Chemical Engineering, Specialization Project Trondheim Technology
TKP4581 Chemical Engineering, Specialization Project Trondheim Technology
TKT4108 Structural Dynamics 2 Trondheim Technology
TKT4128 Impact Mechanics Trondheim Technology
TKT4146 Nanomechanics Trondheim Technology
TKT4150 Biomechanics Trondheim Technology
TKT4192 Finite Element Methods in Strength Analysis Trondheim Technology
TKT4197 Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis Trondheim Technology
TKT4198 Structural Design Trondheim Technology
TKT4212 Timber Structures 2 Trondheim Technology
TKT4220 Concrete Structures 2 Trondheim Technology
TKT4222 Concrete Structures 3 Trondheim Technology
TKT4230 Steel Structures 2 Trondheim Technology
TKT4235 Concrete Technology 2 Trondheim Technology
TMA4160 Cryptography Trondheim Technology
TMA4205 Numerical Linear Algebra Trondheim Technology
TMA4220 Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations Using Element Methods Trondheim Technology
TMA4225 Foundations of Analysis Trondheim Technology
TMA4285 Time Series Trondheim Technology
TMA4295 Statistical Inference Trondheim Technology
TMA4305 Partial Differential Equations Trondheim Technology
TMA4315 Generalized Linear Models Trondheim Technology
TMM4170 Corrosion Trondheim Technology
TMM4199 Bioinspired design Trondheim Technology
TMM4220 Innovation by Design Thinking Trondheim Technology
TMM4250 Advanced Product Simulation Trondheim Technology
TMMT4001 Sustainable food production Trondheim Food
TMMT4004 Applied Food Microbiology and Biotechnology Trondheim Food
TMMT4006 Food Safety in Manufacturing Trondheim Food
TMMT4007 Risk Management and Food Safety Trondheim Food
TMMT5001 Food Industry Framework Trondheim Food
TMT4145 Ceramic Engineering Trondheim Technology
TMT4155 Heterogeneous Equilibria and Phase Diagrams Trondheim Technology
TMT4252 Electrochemistry Trondheim Technology
TMT4253 Electrochemical Process and Energy Technology Trondheim Technology
TMT4255 Corrosion and Corrosion Protection Trondheim Technology
TMT4306 Metal Production - Ferroalloys, Iron and Steel Trondheim Technology
TMT4320 Nanomaterials Trondheim Technology
TMT4335 Carbon Materials for Metal production and Energy Storage Trondheim Technology
TMT4445 Advanced Functional Materials Trondheim Technology
TMT4500 Materials Technology, Specialization Project Trondheim Technology
TPD4142 Design Thinking Trondheim Technology
TPD4168 Game Design Trondheim Technology
TPD4169 Design for Industrialization Trondheim Technology
TPD4185 Design in Wood Trondheim Technology
TPD4260 Design and Entrepreneurship Trondheim Technology
TPK4128 Industrial Mechatronics Trondheim Technology
TPK4195 Manufacturing Metrology Trondheim Technology
TPK4420 Project Flexibility Trondheim Technology
TPK4430 Production Management and Logistics Trondheim Technology
TPK5100 Applied Project Management Trondheim Technology
TPK5165 RAMS Engineering and Data Analytics Trondheim Technology
TTK4147 Real-time Systems Trondheim Technology
TTK4150 Nonlinear Control Systems Trondheim Technology
TTK4155 Embedded and Industrial Computer Systems Design Trondheim Technology
TTK4250 Sensor Fusion Trondheim Technology
TTK4265 Optical Remote Sensing Trondheim Technology
TTT4130 Digital Communication Trondheim Technology
TTT4175 Marine Acoustics Trondheim Technology
TTT4180 Technical Acoustics Trondheim Technology
TTT4185 Machine Learning for Signal Processing Trondheim Technology
TTT4197 Music Acoustics and Technology Trondheim Technology
TTT4201 Radio System Design and RF/Microwave Measurement Techniques Trondheim Technology
TTT4205 Microwave Techniques Trondheim Technology
TTT4234 Space Technology I Trondheim Technology
TTT4290 Bioacoustics for biodiversity Trondheim Technology
TØL4010 Sustainability Assessment Gjøvik Engineering
TØL4012 Sustainable Manufacturing Technology Gjøvik Engineering
TØL4014 Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Gjøvik Engineering
TØL4015 Project work Gjøvik Engineering
TØL4016 Industrial Communications and Sensor Technology Gjøvik Engineering
TØL4018 Renewable Energy Technology Gjøvik Engineering
TØL4020 Introduction to Modelling and Simulation for Sustainable Manufacturing Gjøvik Engineering
TØL4023 Energy system analysis project course Gjøvik Engineering
TØL4082 Project Work for Exchange Students Gjøvik Engineering
TØL4083 Project Work for Exchange Students Gjøvik Engineering
TØL4205 Polymer materials and processes Gjøvik Technology