Being a new student at NTNU

Courses and study programmes for refugees

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Courses and study programmes for refugees

We are allocating temporary student places in Trondheim, Gjøvik, and Ålesund for refugees who have received collective protection/individual asylum in Norway. Please note that you must be present in Norway when applying.


Autumn semester 2023

From 2 June you can apply for admission for autumn semester. The application deadline is 15 July. 

Being a new student from Ukraina

NTNU offers a wide range of single courses, in various academic disciplines, taught in English.

Single courses taught in English

Single courses on a master's level require that you have completed a bachelor degree in a relevant field and that you cover the same English language requirement as the international master's programmes have

Single courses on a bachelor’s level may have additional requirements that you can either cover with a secondary school specialisation in these particular subjects, or a relevant specialisation in these subjects at undergraduate level:

  • Biology courses require mathematics, as well as one additional natural science
  • Courses within architecture, computer and information science, engineering, physics, and technology, generally require mathematics and physics
    • Courses within technology may also have a grade requirement in mathematics

Autumn semester 2023

The following Norwegian for Foreigners courses will be published for admission:

  • Level 1 in Trondheim
  • Level 1 in Ålesund
  • Level 1 in Gjøvik
  • Level 2 in Trondheim
  • Level 2 in Gjøvik
  • Level 3 in Trondheim
  • Level 3 in Ålesund/Gjøvik

Course information

  • Level 1-3: 15 ECTS. 78 hours in total, 2 times 3 hours per week over 13 weeks, weeks 34-47.

Online beginner's Norwegian course

NTNU also offers internet-based Norwegian language learning resource for beginners for anyone wanting to learn Norwegian. 

Admission for autumn semester 2023

  1. From 2 June you can register your application on NTNU's Søknadsweb
  2. If you do not have a Norwegian ID number yet, please choose "Login International Applicant" to register yourself using your email address and a password.
  3. Select "Admission for refugees" on Søknadsweb. 
  4. Choose the study programmes or courses you want to apply for.
    • If you want to take single courses, please write both the code and the name of the course(s) in the comment field in your application.
  5. Upload the required documentation (see "Admission requirements" on this web page).

Application deadline: 15 July

We will send you an email if there is documentation missing from your application.

Please note that you must be present in Norway when applying.

Minimum requirements for admission

For autumn semester 2023, higher education institutions can't make exceptions from the general admission requirements for individuals with collective protection/individual asylum in Norway. On the NOKUT web page you will find the general minimum requirements for admission to higher education in Norway for applicants with foreign education.  

English language requirement

As we cannot make exceptions from the general admission requirements for autumn semester 2023, you need to document that you cover the English language requirement to be considered for admission. 

  • For single courses at bachelor's level and the Norwegian for Foreigners course you have to cover the English language requirement for Norwegian study programmes
  • For single courses at master's level and master's programmes you have to cover the English language requirement for international master's programmes

Please note that the English language test by Folkeuniversitetet we could offer to refugees last year, does not cover the regular English language requirements, and can therefore not be accepted for the admission process for autumn semester 2023.


After registering your application, please upload the following documents on Søknadsweb: 

  • Documentation of completed high school or higher secondary school
  • Documentation of your higher education
  • Authorised translations of your educational documents to English or a Scandinavian language
  • Documentation showing that you have refugee status in Norway
    • In most cases this should be documented with a letter from UDI stating that you have received collective protection 
    • Your residence permit is not sufficient documentation unless it explicitly states your refugee status
  • Documentation showing that you cover the English language requirement


Admissions will operate on a first come, first served basis as long as there are available places.

For more information about the education system, credits, and the grading system in Norway, as well as general information about being a student in Norway, you can have a look at the following web page:

PhD opportunities, staff and academics working at NTNU

At the moment, our best recommendation for refugees that would like to take a PhD is to apply for relevant vacant PhD positions at NTNU. NTNU is committed to open merit-based recruitment.  

You may also contact potential supervisors within your field and discuss the possibility to apply for funding of a PhD within your interest field. Such an application process may take some time (a year or more) depending on the financing institution. 

Note that you must have a residence permit to work in Norway also as a PhD candidate. Academic staff may obtain residence permits for skilled workers. Refugees who have been granted collective protection may also work in Norway. 

Please note that we cannot accept applications sent via email.

Questions regarding application and admission:

General questions:

Questions regarding Norwegian language courses:

For new students

For new students

The Orientation Week is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know NTNU


Refugees who are students at other universities are welcome to use the university library, canteen and common areas.

Single courses taught in English spring semester 2023

Single courses taught in English spring semester 2023

Course code Course name Campus
AAR4335 Fundamentals of Building Physics Trondheim
AAR4460 Theory and History of Architecture C Trondheim
AE302319 Business analytics Ålesund
AIS2103 IoT and Network Programming Ålesund
AL301408 Understanding culture Ålesund
AL302030 Sustainability management Ålesund
AM302312 Cases in Technology Strategy and Marketing Ålesund
AM303608 Project Ålesund
AM304119 Digital Marketing Analytics Ålesund
AM305918 Global Supply Chain Management Ålesund
BBOA3020 Financial Institutions, Markets and Regulations Trondheim
BEV1013 Physical Activity and Health I Trondheim
BI2033 Population Ecology Trondheim
BI2080 Global Change Biology Trondheim
BT2100 Computational Biotechnology Trondheim
BØA2020 Decision Modelling and Optimization Trondheim
BØA2042 Financial Modeling using Excel Trondheim
ENG1001 Varieties of English Trondheim
ENG1101 English Linguistics Trondheim
ENG1303 Literature: Prose Fiction Trondheim
ENG1404 History and Nation Trondheim
ENG2123 Translation Trondheim
ENG2303 Literature and Society Trondheim
ENG2502 Texts, Culture, Context Trondheim
EUR2915 History of European Integration Trondheim
FY2290 Energy Resources Trondheim
FY2450 Astrophysics Trondheim
GEOL1006 Palaeoclimate and the Sedimentary Record Trondheim
HIST2011 International History after 1870 Trondheim
HIST2012 Politics, society and culture in Europe after 1945 Trondheim
HMS0003 Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) course for master students Trondheim
IDATA2306 Application Development Ålesund
IDATG2204 Data modeling and database systems Gjøvik
IDATG2206 Computer Vision Gjøvik
IDG1004 Color in Interface Design Gjøvik
IDG1011 Front-end web development Gjøvik
IDG1293 Advanced CSS Gjøvik
IDG2001 Cloud Technologies Gjøvik
IDG2002 Colour Management Gjøvik
IDG2100 Full-stack Web Development Gjøvik
IDG2671 Web Project Gjøvik
IDG3750 Tangible and Sensorial Interaction Design Gjøvik
IDS4009 Experts i Teamwork - Helping manufacturing businesses in their digitalisation journey – safe, sustainable and social Gjøvik
IELEG2121 Power Electronics Gjøvik
IELEG2212 Data transmission Gjøvik
IELET2120 Electrical Machines and Electromagnetic Energy Conversion Trondheim
IELET2121 Power Electronics Trondheim
IIKG1002 Front-end web development Gjøvik
IMT2363 Colour Management and Image Quality Gjøvik
INFT1005 Computer architecture and operating systems Trondheim
INFT2006 Business Intelligence Trondheim
INTRO175 Introduction to Norway Trondheim
ISA1006 Global Ethics and Human Rights Trondheim
KJ2022 Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry Trondheim
KULT2207 Gender and Norwegian Culture: Questions of Equality 1 Trondheim
KULT2208 Gender and Norwegian Culture: Questions of Equality 2 Trondheim
LSAM001 Comparative perspectives on Education, Citizenship and Democracy in Norway Trondheim
MFEL1010 Medicine for Non-Medical Students, Introduction Trondheim
MGLU1901 Music 1 for erasmus Trondheim
MRK3025 Innovation and Business Development Trondheim
MUST1060 Basic Music Technology 2 Trondheim
MUST2052 Digital Composition and Performance Trondheim
MUST2053 Music and sound design for audiovisual media Trondheim
MUSV1100 Music and Motion: Africa, the Atlantic and Globalisation Trondheim
MUSV1107 Feminist Perspectives on Western Music Trondheim
ORG3030 Strategic Leadership Trondheim
POL1003 Environmental Politics and Resource Management Trondheim
POL2000 Methods and Methodologies in Political Science Trondheim
POL2014 Specialization in Political Science: Comparative Politics Trondheim
POL2016 Specialization in Political Science: Political Communication and Political Behaviour Trondheim
PROG2005 Cloud Technologies Gjøvik
PROG2006 Advanced Programming Gjøvik
PROG2051 Artificial Intelligence Gjøvik
PSY1502 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology Trondheim
PSY2014 Social Psychology 2 Trondheim
RVI1040 Religions of South Asia Trondheim
RVI2175 Explaining religion: Why are people religious? Trondheim
RVI2195 Religion and Politics Trondheim
SANT2021 Anthropology of the Future: The social imagination of hopes, utopias and the end of the world Trondheim
SMF2014 Digital supply chains and ERP systems Gjøvik
SMF2292F Quantitative and Qualitative methods Gjøvik
ST2304 Statistical Modelling for Biologists/Biotechnologists Trondheim
SØK1005 Econometrics Trondheim
SØK2006 International Trade Trondheim
SØK2007 Development Economics Trondheim
SØK2010 Banking Trondheim
TDT4186 Operating Systems Trondheim
TDT4205 Compiler Construction Trondheim
TDT4240 Software Architecture Trondheim
TDT4300 Data Warehousing and Data Mining Trondheim
TEP4123 Engineering Thermodynamics Trondheim
TET4110 Electrical Machines and Electromagnetic Energy Conversion Trondheim
TET4135 Energy Systems Planning and Operation Trondheim
TFE4130 Electromagnetic and Acoustic Waves Trondheim
TFY4170 Physics 2 Trondheim
TFY4195 Optics Trondheim
TGB4165 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Trondheim
TKJ4162 Physical Chemistry: Chemical Thermodynamics Trondheim
TKJ4215 Statistical Thermodynamics in Chemistry and Biology Trondheim
TKP4115 Surface and Colloid Chemistry Trondheim
TKP4175 Thermodynamic Methods Trondheim
TKT4140 Numerical Methods Trondheim
TMA4190 Introduction to Topology Trondheim
TMA4212 Numerical Solution of Differential Equations by Difference Methods Trondheim
TMT4210 Material and Process Modelling Trondheim
TPD4200 Sustainable Design Trondheim
TPG4100 Physics and Geophysics Trondheim
TPG4145 Reservoir Fluids and Flow Trondheim
TTK4130 Modelling and Simulation Trondheim
TTK4135 Optimization and Control Trondheim
TTK4145 Real-time Programming Trondheim
TTT4275 Estimation, Detection and Classification Trondheim
Course code Course name Campus
AAR4209 Structural Concepts in Architectural Design, Models and Methods Trondheim
AAR4215 Site Planning Trondheim
AAR4225 Integrated Land Use and Transportation Planning Trondheim
AAR4510 Housing Design Trondheim
AAR4546 Material Emissions as Design Drivers - Design Trondheim
AAR4605 Urban Design and Architecture 2 Trondheim
AAR4609 3Houses Theory Part Trondheim
AAR4619 3Houses Trondheim
AAR4814 Housing Design Knowledge Trondheim
AAR4817 Material Emissions as Design Drivers - Theory Trondheim
AAR4843 GIS Methods for Integrated Transport and Land use Planning Trondheim
AAR4847 GIS Methods for Planning Purposes Trondheim
AAR4919 URBAN LAB 2 - Urban Design Theory, Research, Practice Trondheim
AAR4935 Light and Colour Trondheim
AAR4970 Visual Communication 4 Trondheim
AAR5220 Urban Contingency Practice and Planning Trondheim
AAR5230 Understanding Urban Ecological Planning - self programmed Trondheim
AAR5270 Globalisation and Urban Development Trondheim
AAR5390 Practice Internship in Urban Development Trondheim
AM521817 Data analysis Ålesund
BI3036 Plant Ecology Trondheim
BI3040 Behavioural Ecology Trondheim
BI3073 Genetic Toxicology Trondheim
BK3201 Exploring Artistic Entrepreneurship Trondheim
BK3202 Introduction to Artistic Research Trondheim
BK3205 Advanced Artistic Work 2 Trondheim
BT3210 Recirculating Aquaculture Systems RAS Trondheim
DANS3003 Dance Analysis Trondheim
ENG3110 Special Subject in English Language Trondheim
ENG3320 Topics in Anglophone Literature Trondheim
ENG3430 Topics in Literature and Culture Trondheim
ENG3450 History, Society, and Culture Trondheim
FI3010 Philosophy of Mind Trondheim
FY3201 Atmospheric Physics and Climate Change Trondheim
FY3215 Observational Astrophysics Trondheim
FY3452 Gravitation and Cosmology Trondheim
FY3464 Quantum Field Theory I Trondheim
FY3490 Physics, Special Syllabus Trondheim
FY6021 Ionizing Radiation - Interactions and Dosimetry Trondheim
GEOG3101 Innovation and Regional Development Trondheim
GEOG3517 Social Difference, Identity and Place Trondheim
GEOG3522 Migration and Development Trondheim
GEOG3527 GIS Tools for Climate Change Studies Trondheim
GEOL1004 Physical Sedimentology Trondheim
HIST3205 Genocide, war and society Trondheim
HIST3375 Global connections, interactions and colonialism from the 15th century Trondheim
HIST3400 The global political economy of natural resources, 1870-2000 Trondheim
HIST3405 Power, ritual, and music: the role of the arts in political communication 800-1600. Trondheim
HIST3445 Guns, Butter and Forced Labour. The Economic Foundations of Nazi Dictatorship Trondheim
IDS4003 Performance Measurement and Management Gjøvik
IDS4004 Circular economy and sustainability Gjøvik
IE500720 Introduction to Digital Twins Ålesund
IE501914 Immersive Technologies Ålesund
IE502014 Artificial Intelligence Ålesund
IMT4116 Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis Gjøvik
IMT4124 Cryptology Gjøvik
IMT4125 Network Security Gjøvik
IMT4126 Biometrics Gjøvik
IMT4127 Security Management Metrics Trondheim
IMT4129 Risk Management for Information Security Gjøvik
IMT4130 Cybercrime Investigation Gjøvik
IMT4133 Data Science for Security and Forensics Gjøvik
IMT4306 Introduction to Research in Mobile/Wearable Technology Gjøvik
IMT4307 Introduction to Research in Serious Games and Gamification Gjøvik
IMT4308 Introduction to Research on Web Technologies Gjøvik
IMT4315 Colour in interface design Gjøvik
IMT4807 Integration Project Gjøvik
IMT4894 Advanced Project Work Gjøvik
IP500021 Modelling and simulation of pipe networks and stormwater management Ålesund
IP500415 CAE - Computer Aided Engineering Ålesund
IP501508 Robotics Ålesund
IP503911 CFD - Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics Ålesund
IP505245 Applied AI and Control Ålesund
IP506114 Best Practice - Marine engineering internship Ålesund
IP506215 Scientific Research Project Internship Ålesund
IT3010 Empirical research methodologies in IT and digitalization Trondheim
IT3022 Participatory design Trondheim
IT3030 Deep Learning Trondheim
IT3105 Artificial Intelligence Programming Trondheim
IT3708 Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence Trondheim
IØ3012 Internship/Work Project Trondheim
KJ3073 Analytical Environmental Chemistry Trondheim
MA3202 Galois Theory Trondheim
MA3203 Ring Theory Trondheim
MA3408 Algebraic Topology 2 Trondheim
MEDT4165 Signal Processing in Ultrasound Imaging Trondheim
MH3002 Epidemiology I Trondheim
MH3003 Statistics for Medicine and Health Sciences Trondheim
MOL3001 Medical Genetics Trondheim
MOL3007 Functional Genomics Trondheim
MOL3015 Nanomedicine 2 - Therapy Trondheim
MOL3018 Medical Toxicology Trondheim
MOL3020 Virology Trondheim
MOL3021 Bioinformatics - Applied Project Trondheim
MOL3022 Bioinformatics - Method Oriented Project Trondheim
MUSV3115 Music and Culture in 1970s New York Trondheim
MUSV3138 Iceland: Music, Geography, and Nationality on the Edge of Europe Trondheim
NEVR3004 Neural Networks Trondheim
NEVR3040 Private Study of Neuroscience 1 Trondheim
NEVR3050 Private Study of Neuroscience 2 Trondheim
PAH3009 Occupational Performance in Active Meaningful Living Trondheim
PAH3010 Movement Control and Change Trondheim
POL3004 Research Design and Social Inquiry Trondheim
POL3802 Experts in Teamwork - Building future-proof health care systems Trondheim
SANT3508 Globalisation Theory and Culture Trondheim
SARB3518 Global Migrations and Ethnic Relations 1 Trondheim
SARB3519 Global Migrations and Ethnic Relations 2 Trondheim
SPRÅK3210 Linguistic Theory and Comparative Grammar Trondheim
SPRÅK3300 Language and Cognition Trondheim
SØK1101 Environmental and Resource Economics Trondheim
SØK3001 Advanced Econometrics Trondheim
TBT4125 Food Chemistry Trondheim
TBT4165 System Biology and Biological Networks Trondheim
TDT4125 Algorithm Construction Trondheim
TDT4127 Programming and Numerics Trondheim
TDT4150 Advanced Database Management Systems Trondheim
TDT4213 Clinical Information and Knowledge Trondheim
TDT4215 Recommender Systems Trondheim
TDT4230 Graphics and Visualization Trondheim
TDT4237 Software Security and Data Privacy Trondheim
TDT4242 Advanced Software Engineering Trondheim
TDT4245 Cooperation Technology and Social Media Trondheim
TDT4257 Digital Platforms and Service Innovation Trondheim
TDT4260 Computer Architecture Trondheim
TDT4265 Computer Vision and Deep Learning Trondheim
TDT4310 Intelligent Text Analytics and Language Understanding Trondheim
TEP4170 Heat and Combustion Technology Trondheim
TEP4200 Mechanical Design, Operation and Maintenance of Hydraulic Machinery Trondheim
TEP4215 Energy Utilization and Process Integration in Industrial Plants Trondheim
TEP4220 Environmental impact indicators for decision support Trondheim
TEP4222 Input-Output Analysis, Trade and Environment Trondheim
TEP4245 HVAC Engineering Trondheim
TEP4260 Heat Pumps for Heating and Cooling of Buildings Trondheim
TEP4290 Modeling of Built Environment Systems Trondheim
TET4180 Power System Dynamics and Control Trondheim
TET4185 Power Markets, Resources and Environment Trondheim
TET4190 Power Electronics Trondheim
TET4195 High Voltage Equipment Trondheim
TET4215 Power System Protection and Control Trondheim
TFE4166 Photonics II Trondheim
TFE4167 Micro- and nanofabrication Trondheim
TFE4171 Design of Digital Systems 2 Trondheim
TFE4188 Advanced Integrated Circuits Trondheim
TFE4205 Student Defined Development Project Trondheim
TFY4190 Instrumentation Trondheim
TFY4200 Optics, Advanced Course Trondheim
TFY4203 Soft Condensed Matter Trondheim
TFY4210 Quantum Theory of Solids Trondheim
TFY4220 Solid State Physics Trondheim
TFY4235 Computational Physics Trondheim
TFY4240 Electromagnetic Theory Trondheim
TFY4245 Solid State Physics, Advanced Course Trondheim
TFY4280 Signal Processing Trondheim
TFY4291 Laser Physics and Nonlinear Optics Trondheim
TFY4305 Nonlinear Dynamics Trondheim
TFY4310 Molecular Biophysics Trondheim
TFY4340 Nanophysics Trondheim
TFY4365 Ionizing Radiation - Interactions and Dosimetry Trondheim
TFY4550 Physics, Project Trondheim
TGB4120 Ore-Deposit Modelling Trondheim
TGB4135 Basin Analysis Trondheim
TGB4170 Diagenesis/Reservoir Quality Trondheim
TGB4190 Engineering Geology of Rocks, Advanced Course Trondheim
TGB4232 Resource Geology Trondheim
TGB4240 Process Mineralogy Trondheim
TGB4246 Mining Engineering, Advanced Course Trondheim
TGB4250 Aggregate Production Trondheim
TGB4275 Geological Reservoir Modelling Trondheim
TGB4286 Petrophysical Techniques for Experimental Geophysics Trondheim
TIØ4136 ICT Economics - Planning and Economics of Tele and Information Services Trondheim
TIØ4140 Project Evaluation and Financing Trondheim
TIØ4146 Finance for Science and Technology Students Trondheim
TIØ4170 Technology Based Business Development Trondheim
TIØ4175 Purchasing and Logistics Management Trondheim
TIØ4235 Industrial Marketing and International Business Trondheim
TIØ4285 Production- and Network Economics Trondheim
TIØ4317 Empirical and Quantitative Methods in Finance Trondheim
TIØ4855 Experts in Teamwork - Renewable Energy Management Trondheim
TIØ4856 Experts in Teamwork - Building sustainable solutions for the Lithium ion battery value chain Trondheim
TIØ5210 Programme and Portfolio Management Trondheim
TKJ4170 Quantum Chemistry Trondheim
TKJ4175 Chemometrics Trondheim
TKP4130 Polymer Chemistry Trondheim
TKP4135 Chemical Process System Engineering Trondheim
TKP4145 Reactor Technology Trondheim
TKP4150 Industrial Chemistry and Refining Trondheim
TKP4171 Design of Sustainable Chemical and Biochemical processes, Project Trondheim
TKP4180 Biofuels and Biorefineries Trondheim
TKP4190 Fabrication and Applications of Nanomaterials Trondheim
TKP4195 Bio-Systems Engineering Trondheim
TKT4135 Materials Mechanics Trondheim
TKT4145 Finite Element Methods in Engineering Science Trondheim
TKT4201 Structural Dynamics 1 Trondheim
TKT4211 Timber Structures 1 Trondheim
TKT4215 Concrete Technology 1 Trondheim
TMA4170 Fourier Analysis Trondheim
TMA4175 Complex Analysis Trondheim
TMA4180 Optimization 1 Trondheim
TMA4192 Differential Topology Trondheim
TMA4230 Functional Analysis Trondheim
TMA4268 Statistical Learning Trondheim
TMA4275 Lifetime Analysis Trondheim
TMA4300 Computer Intensive Statistical Methods Trondheim
TMM4155 Finite Element Applications in Mechanical Engineering Trondheim
TMM4167 Nondestructive Techniques and Structural Health Monitoring Trondheim
TMM4205 Tribology and Surface Technology Trondheim
TMMT4006 Food Safety in Manufacturing Trondheim
TMMT4007 Risk Management and Food Safety Trondheim
TMT4166 Experimental Materials Chemistry and Electrochemistry Trondheim
TMT4208 Fluid flow and Heat Transfer, Advanced Course Trondheim
TMT4245 Functional Materials Trondheim
TMT4252 Electrochemistry Trondheim
TMT4266 Metal Fabrication and Forming - Microstructure and Crystal Plasticity Trondheim
TMT4285 Hydrogen Technology, Fuel Cells, Batteries and Solar Cells Trondheim
TMT4301 Materials Characterization Trondheim
TMT4335 Carbon Materials for Metal production and Energy Storage Trondheim
TPD4153 Structural Packaging Design Trondheim
TPD4166 Design 8 - Strategy Trondheim
TPD4167 Information Visualisation Trondheim
TPD4195 Design Studies Trondheim
TPD4210 Sustainability Transitions Trondheim
TPD4500 Design 9, Specialization Project Trondheim
TPD4505 Design Theory, Specialization Course Trondheim
TPG4130 Seismic Interpretation Trondheim
TPG4160 Reservoir Simulation Trondheim
TPG4170 Rock Physics and Geophysical Monitoring Trondheim
TPG4180 Petrophysics, Interpretation of Well Data, Advanced Course Trondheim
TPG4200 Subsea Technology Trondheim
TPG4230 Field Development and Operations Trondheim
TPG4242 Drilling Engineering 3 Trondheim
TPK4110 Quality and Performance Oriented Management Trondheim
TPK4128 Industrial Mechatronics Trondheim
TPK4131 Design of Industrial Logistics Systems Trondheim
TPK4135 Manufacturing Logistics Trondheim
TPK4164 Shipbuilding and Customized Manufacturing Trondheim
TPK4171 Advanced Industrial Robotics Trondheim
TPK4180 Manufacturing Strategy Trondheim
TPK4185 Sustainable Systems Engineering Trondheim
TPK4186 Advanced Tools for Performance Engineering Trondheim
TPK5120 Elements of Model Engineering Trondheim
TPK5160 Risk Analysis Trondheim
TTK4192 Mission Planning for Autonomous Systems Trondheim
TTK4195 Modeling and Control of Robots Trondheim
TTK4210 Advanced Control of Industrial Processes Trondheim
TTK4255 Robotic Vision Trondheim
TTK4260 Multivariate analysis and Machine learning methods Trondheim
TTK4854 Experts in teams - Robotic Ocean Waste Removal Trondheim
TTM4133 Mobile Networks and Services Trondheim
TTM4135 Applied Cryptography and Network Security Trondheim
TTT4135 Multimedia Signal Processing Trondheim
TTT4145 Radio Communications Trondheim
TTT4150 Navigation Systems Trondheim
TTT4170 Audio Technology Trondheim
TTT4215 Antenna Engineering Trondheim
TTT4250 Acoustical Measurement Techniques Trondheim
TØL4007 Product Development Gjøvik
TØL4009 Zero Defect Manufacturing Gjøvik
TØL4013 Industry 4.0 Gjøvik
TØL4015 Project work Gjøvik
TØL4025 Experts in Teamwork - Action for Sustainable Development Gjøvik
TØL4082 Project Work for Exchange Students Gjøvik