Life and housing in Gjøvik

New International Students


August 12. - 16. 2019

Orientation Week in Gjøvik

We strongly encourage all new international students to attend the orientation days. It is an ideal opportunity to get to know NTNU and Gjøvik, and to make friends before you start your studies. 

Orientation Day(s) for new international students is organised twice a year;

  • in the middle of August for students starting in the autumn semester
  • in the beginning of January for students starting in the spring semester

Upon arrival, you will be met by one of our student assistants at the train/bus station in Gjøvik and taken to the student accommodation. They will help you with practical matters at the start of the semester.


12 August - Information Seminar

Information Seminar* 

Auditorium K105



 by Vice Rector Jørn Wroldsen       



Introduction of the International Relations Office Team
by Joakim P. Berg, adviser



Information about the Norwegian educational system, NTNU etc.
by Director of academic affairs Gunn Rognstad



Introduction of the Student Information Centre
by Kari Solfrid Lauritzen

11:05   Break



Information about the Library
by Karen Marie Øvern





Information from the faculties: 

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering by adviser Hilde Bakke.

Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering (IVB) by adviser Tron H. Torneby.

Department of Design (ID) by Nan Renèe Augland.



Residence permit requirements etc.
by Nina Sofie Holt Zachariassen at International Relations Office



Norwegian Lunch (in the cafeteria, Gneis building)



Information about the buddy week 
by the buddy week organiszers



Introduction to learning management systems: Checklist, Studentweb, timetable 
by Nina S. H. Zachariassen at International Relations Office 



Go to the Photo box to take your picture for the student ID card
Foyer, ground floor Ametyst building


*Programme subject to change

13 August - Matriculation ceremony and information seminar continues

10:30   Matriculation Ceremony
      Location: Outdoor Scene outside the student House (address: studenthuset 14)


  Go by the cafeteria (Gneis building) to get something to eat


Information Seminar continues
Auditorium C007 (In the Helvin building)


Information about the International Student Union (ISU)
by the board of the ISU



Introduction to University Chaplain services
by student chaplain Anne Anker Bolstad



Medical Care in Norway
by Nina Sofie Holt Zachariassen at the International Relations Office 



“How to survive in Gjøvik? – from a student’s perspective”
 by the student assistants






Short introduction to Norway
 by Joakim P. Berg at the International Relations Office



Admission, Study and Examination regulations at NTNU
by Director of Academic Affairs Gunn Rognstad


14 August - Hiking and Welcome Reception

Picture of Bergstoppen


Optional event. Please sign up by sending an e-mail to within Monday, 12 August 2019.



We will meet at the university, outside the Gneis building. The hiking trip will take approximately 1,5 – 2 hours, depending on how fast the group moves.


Bring your own lunch you can eat at Bergstoppen with a beautiful view of Gjøvik.



Public transport (bus) can take you back to the city centre twice an hour. The bus ticket costs NOK 30 (with a student discount, so bring your student ID card or the student ID app).  



Please wear shoes that are suitable for hiking, bring a bottle of water and food you will need during the day. It will not be possible to purchase any food there.






Reception: Town Hall – Gjøvik Rådhus (Kauffeldts Plass 1, 2815 Gjøvik)



The Mayor of Gjøvik, Bjørn Iddberg, invites all new international students for an informal buffet at the newly refurbished Town Hall. The Mayor welcomes you to town and gives a short presentation of Gjøvik.    
If you are unable to participate, please let us know on 



15 August - Norwegian language course ++

Auditorium C007 (In the Helvin building)



Crash course: Norwegian Language by Joakim P. Berg at the International Relations Office



Information from SiT - The Student Welfare Organisation for students in Gjøvik, Ålesund and Trondheim
by Marte Tidemand Skappel

14:00 - 17:00


Barbecue with the International Student Union
Get to know the International Student Union in Gjøvik!



16 August - Master student seminar or Guided tour for bachelor students

Master’s students (including exchange students on the master level)

Mandatory master’s student seminars – you will receive information from your study programme.

Those of you who have selected courses from several master’s programmes should choose the seminar most relevant to your degree, and inform the programmes of your choice.

Exchange students on the bachelor level

Learn the history of Gjøvik City: Guided tour at Gjøvik Gård (Farm). Get to know your fellow exchange students as well as getting to know the city.



We will gather at the university, outside the Gneis buiding, and walk together to Gjøvik Gård (approximately 15 minutes’ walk). Remember – the weather in Norway is unpredictable!



Guided tour at Gjøvik Gård (more information here:

11:45   The student assistants will show you around in Gjøvik




Tuberculosis test

Immigration regulations require that citizens of some countries must be tested for tuberculosis if they are staying more than three months in Norway. The test is free. If you are required to take the test but fail to do so, the police will be notified and it may compromise your residence permit. You can see who are required to take the test at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Students who are required to take the test will receive an email with more information from the Office of International Relations after Orientation Week is over. The appointments will be during the month of September. There will be set appointment times, but you will be able to choose the one that suits you. 

Useful links and documents

How to go to Gjøvik?

By Air

Please note that the closest airport to Gjøvik is Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Please note that other airports as Oslo Torp and Oslo Rygge are located in Sandefjord and Moss – far south of Oslo and further away from Gjøvik.

Bus from airport

There is no direct train to Gjøvik from the airport, so take the bus. You will find the bus just outside the terminal building. Please note that you buy the bus tickets on the bus.

By train

You can take the train from Oslo City Centre. You can find information on schedules, tickets etc here.