About this website

NTNU's external website and its intranet are managed and maintained by the university's Communication Division.

Jan Erik Kaarø is the Acting Head of the Communication Division and Chief Editoral of NTNU's external website and its itranet, and has oversight and editorial responsibility for the content of the main public facing website.

Tone Kvenild in the Communication Division is the Editor of NTNU's external website and its intranet, and coordinates the day-to-day updates and maintenance of the main website content, along with the division's web group.

NTNU IT has technical responsibility for the university's website. Questions and comments about the NTNU website can be sent to kontakt@komm.ntnu.no.

NTNU and other major divisions and institutes all have their own webmasters.

There are many web-based services at NTNU (such as the salary/accounting system, case management tools, e-learning tools, the library, student web pages) that have their own internal system owners. kontakt@komm.ntnu.no can put you in touch if you have questions about any of these systems.