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Membership benefits

Membership benefits

Don’t miss out! NTNU Alumni sends you monthly newsletters with invitations to what is happening in the network, research news, and inspiring portraits of our alumni.

Every year we have many events both locally and internationally, online and in person – but you must be a member to be invited.

A perfect place to meet other alumni and students, and to build networks across sectors and industries.

How do NTNU’s former students make a difference? One way you can get an insight into this through the annual alumni lecture, where one of NTNU’s alumni holds a lecture for students, alumni and staff.

The 2023 Alumni Lecture will be held in February. The name and topic will be launched in December 2022. 

You get access to an online course over three sessions, developed specifically for NTNU people. 

The videos help you create an integrated profile on LinkedIn and strengthen the impact of your posts. 

Increase your visibility and network with other alumni through our NTNU Alumni group on LinkedIn.

Access to log in to the courses will be sent to you after you have registered. 

Through the NTNU Alumni network, you’ll always get the latest information about the opportunities that the university offers for further education.

You can take training courses, individual courses or a master’s degree – all part-time and alongside your job. 

NTNU’s Centre for Continuing and Professional Development (NTNU Videre) offers programmes and courses in technology and society, schooling and education, health and care services, economics and management.

You can take part in network groups across disciplines in your sector. 

The network groups are an arena for your academic community to benefit from each other’s experiences, expertise and networks. 

NTNU Alumni also gives you the opportunity to get to know other alumni all over the world by getting involved in an international network group. 

As a member of NTNU Alumni, you get access to library services, including bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral theses. 

When you join NTNU Alumni, you get a customized course provided by NTNU’s career services, NTNU Karriere. 

The course is held in person on our three campuses and lasts for two hours. 

The main topics of the course will be  networking, mapping your competencies, and job search strategies. Tips and advice on writing CVs and job applications as well as job interviews are also included.

You will get information about how to register as the courses are set up. 

Are you a student?

Are you a student?

Did you know that you can join the NTNU Alumni network even when you are still a student?

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In the Alumni network you will find Nobel Prize winners and world-famous jazz musicians. Most important of all – you will find expert professionals in your field. 

Meet some of our alumni 

Rune Sørås

Rune Sørås
Researcher with PhD in biology

Endre Jo Reite

Endre Jo Reite
Director of Retail Banking, BN Bank and Associate Professor, NTNU

Inger Anne Tøndel

Inger Anne Tøndel
Senior Advisor, Directorate for e-Health