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Alumni portraits

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Rune Sørås

Doctoral degree in biology from NTNU, focusing on how bats manage to survive the winter in Norway
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Director of Retail Banking, BN Bank

Endre jo Reite

Doctoral degree in economics from NTNU, focusing on banking regulation, mortgage lending, and risk
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Postdoctoral Fellow, NTNU Institute for Biotechnology and Food Science

Joachim Kjesbu

Ph.D in Biotechnology from NTNU, focusing on cell encapsulation for therapeutic treatment
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Senior Advisor, Directorate for e-Health

Inger Anne Tøndel

Ph.D. in Information Technology from NTNU, former researcher at Sintef Digital
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Lieutenant Colonel with a doctoral degree

Marius Herberg

Head lecturer in Leadership at the Norwegian Defence University College
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Innovation manager, Campus Ålesund NTNU

Mari Liavaag Holm

Education: Bachelor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, NTNU Ålesund
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Coordinator for the Green Climate Fund at the African Development Bank

Timothy Afful-Koomson

Education: Master of Geographic Information Systems from NTNU
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CEO at SalMar, one of the world's leading producers of organic salmon

Linda L. Aase

Education: Master of Science in Material Technology from NTNU
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Coordinator and producer at Musikalfabrikken and freelance performer and teacher

Christer Aannestad

Education: The bachelor's programme in Music Performance Studies
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General manager at the communications agency Sannum & Bergestuen

Vilde Coward

Education: BA Social Anthropology, BA Political Sciene, MSc Science, Technology and Society
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Founder & CEO at Agoprene

Celine Sandberg

Education: Master’s degree from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, Bachelor's degree in Business Development (Kristiania University College) and one-year study in Business Administration (BI Norwegian Business School)
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Co-founder & CEO Ntention

Magnus Arveng

Education: Master of Science Industrial Economics and Technology Management
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