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Alumni portraits

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CEO at SalMar, one of the world's leading producers of organic salmon

Linda L. Aase

Education: Master of Science in Material Technology from NTNU
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Coordinator and producer at Musikalfabrikken and freelance performer and teacher

Christer Aannestad

Education: The bachelor's programme in Music Performance Studies
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General manager at the communications agency Sannum & Bergestuen

Vilde Coward

Education: BA Social Anthropology, BA Political Sciene, MSc Science, Technology and Society
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Founder & CEO at Agoprene

Celine Sandberg

Education: Master’s degree from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, Bachelor's degree in Business Development (Kristiania University College) and one-year study in Business Administration (BI Norwegian Business School)
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Co-founder & CEO Ntention

Magnus Arveng

Education: Master of Science Industrial Economics and Technology Management
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CEO in the investment company Saga Pure

Bjørn Simonsen

Education: Master of Science, Energy and Environment with specialization in Energy and Process Engineering
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Research Adviser at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, NTNU

Sonia Ahmadi

Education: Bachelor in Political Science (2012-2015), Foundation year in Equality and Diversity (2015 – 2016), Masters in Entrepreneurship & Technology management at NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship (2016-2018)
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CEO of Statnett

Hilde Tonne

Education: M.Sc from NTH (NTNU), Norway and RWTH, Aachen, German
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Minister of Education and Integration

Guri Melby

Education: Master in Nordic Language and Literature and Practical Teacher Training (PPU)
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Group President and CEO of DNV

Remi Eriksen

Education: 1988 – 1992: Master of Science, Electronics and Computer Science, Norwegian Institute of Technology, 1986 – 1988: Officer School, Norwegian Artillery
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