NTNU Career is the students career service. We offer courses, lectures and counselling in the areas: improvement of study and exam skills, increased awareness of competence and job applications. 

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How to manage your studies

Study techniques

Mastering your student life

Exam tips

 Counselling for NTNU students

For current students, applicants and recent NTNU graduates

Meet one of our advisers in Trondheim for:

  • Study techniques tips
  • Feedback on CV and job application
  • Career advises

Counselling is also available on skype or phone

Feedback on CV and job application

Drop-in time for feedback on your CV and job application 

 Courses

Course in Study techniques

The aim of the course is to improve your study habits. Achieve awareness of what motivates you and how to study smart and effectively.

Course Content:

Practical information, tips, dialog and exercises in order to improve your academic performance. 

  • Balancing job demands and resources
  • Improve structure and planning
  • Active learning and reading
  • Get the most out of the lectures

Course date: the 2nd October 2018.
Duration 2 hours. The course is free of charge.
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Course in presentation techniques

The aim of the course is to make you a more confident speaker through awareness of your target audience, the structure of your message and the way you want to portray yourself.

Course Content:

  • Consider your target audience
  • Engage the public
  • Structure your message
  • Awareness of body language
  • Put your strengths to work in the presentation 

This is a two-session course over 2 days with one lecture session and one session with video recording of presentations by participants, group reflection and individual feedback. 

Duration 2 + 3 hours.
The course is available to Study Programmes and student groups on request, and is free of charge.

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Exam skills

The aim of the course is to improve your exam skills for better performance.

Courswe content:

  • Plans and priorities
  • Aims and structure for revision skills
  • Methods and techniques on how to control stress before and during the exam
  • Personal preparations for the exam

Lectures, dialog and exercises. Duration 2 + 3 hours. 

The course is available to Study Programmes and student groups on request, and is free of charge.

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Trondheim, Gløshaugen
Gamle Kjemi, Kolbjørn Hejes vei 4
E-mail: karriere@ntnu.no 

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