Press contacts at NTNU

Press contacts at NTNU

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For media inquiry, use the contact list below
or send us an e-mail (it may take up to 24 hours for reply).

Rector and Rector's management team

Press contact to NTNU's rector and management team

General media inquiries

Jan Erik Kaarø

Student and education 

Nina Kotte

Academic research and innovation

Idun Haugan  |  Anne Sliper Midling  |  Steinar Brandslet

NTNU in Gjøvik

Guro Wang Øverli
Statements about NTNU in Gjøvik: Vice Rector Gro Iren Kvanli Dæhlin

NTNU in Ålesund

Børge Sandnes and Eli Anne Tvergrov.
Statements about NTNU in Ålesund: Vice Rector Annik Magerholm Fet

14 Nov 2022

For students and employees

For students and employees

Contact information below can be used as a student or employee: