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Research at NTNU

NTNU’s main profile is science and technology. We have several programmes of professional study, and great academic breadth that also includes the humanities, social sciences, economics, medicine, health sciences, educational science, architecture, entrepreneurship, art disciplines and artistic activities.

Research forms part of the ongoing activities on 8 faculties and the Science museum, which has a total of 55 departments. Here you will find research projects, research programmes, publications, specialized centres and strong professional research groups with our 5,260 academic employees. 45 per cent of them are women and 39 per cent are international.

NTNU works closely with the research institutions SINTEF, business and industry, and works concentrated on innovation and entrepreneurship.

We are among the 10 technology universities in the European alliance ENHANCE, among the 5 technology universities in the Nordic Five Tech alliance. NTNU collaborates with Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC). Participation in the European framework programmes is of high priority. An overview of our international collaboration.

Artistic Research

Artistic Research

Artistic Research is one of five core tasks in NTNUs strategy 2018-2025 based on

  • developing outstanding artistic communities
  • strengthening artistic development
  • interacting with technology, science and society

Our leading environments in the fine arts subjects are important to our uniqueness and identity, and you can find them at

Do you want to take a PhD in Artistic Research? Information about the PhD programme.

The Art Forum at NTNU work towards

  • better framework conditions for the development of our communities in the arts
  • strengthened internal, external and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • visibility and communication