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Research news: Helping today’s power companies anticipate tomorrow. Norway’s 100-year-old electric power industry faces the same kind of transformational changes that Nokia and Kodak both faced.

Strategic Research Areas

Through interdisciplinary cooperation, NTNU's strategic research areas Energy, Health, Oceans and Sustainability address complex challenges of great importance for society.

Research Excellence

The aim of NTNU's Research Excellence is to help realize NTNU's goals for research in the top international league, and includes EU funded projects, national initiatives and NTNU's own initiatives.

Enabling Technologies

NTNU will strengthen the fundamental, long-term research and the enabling technologies biotechnology, ICT and nanotechnology.

Research Areas

NTNU's research areas with research centres, laboratories, research groups, networks, research programmes and faculties/departments.

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Many NTNU laboratories are national resources, and most are used in teaching as well as research. NTNU and SINTEF operate several laboratories together.

PhD opportunities

NTNU offers a wide range of doctoral programmes. Candidates must be admitted to a specific PhD programme in order to earn a degree from NTNU, and must undertake both research and coursework.

PhD positions are announced in NTNU's job listing: Vacancies and Job Openings

International Researcher Support

NIRS offers counselling services for international researchers at NTNU.

Research A-Z

Research A-Z at NTNU.

A climate dictionary

A glossary that explains commonly used technical terms.

NTNU in Brussels

NTNU has high ambitions for its participation in Horizon 2020. Establishing an office in Brussels and a Head of Office is part of NTNU's focus on increased participation in the programme.

NTNU in Japan

NTNU and the University of Bergen (UiB) have a common adviser at Innovation Norway's Tokyo office in an effort to increase research and education partnerships with Japanese universities, research institutions and industries.

Business and innovation

Business and innovation

NTNU provides its scientific community with the expertise within the commercial possibilities of an idea, starting a company and intellectual property rights.

Facts and figures

4 Nobel laureates in Chemistry, Physics and Medicine

At lest 91 spin-offs in the last five years

120 laboratories from Nano Lab to Language Lab

342 doctoral dissertations in 2015

Architecture and Fine Art

Arkitektur: Piren av Live Studio

Piren/the Pier: NTNU’s Live Studio project at the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art received an award presented by the Ministry of Education and Research for quality of education in 2015. Together with SINTEF, NTNU students designed and built a bold structure in timber; a cantilevered pier projecting 12 metres out over the Nidelva river in Trondheim.

Nobel Prize in Medicine

NTNU University museum

The 2014 Nobel Price in Medicine was awarded to May-Britt Moser, Edvard Moser and John O'Keefe for the discovery of grid cells, that provide the brain with an internal coordinate system essential for navigation.

Academic Enterprise Awards

Seram Coatings

The 2015 Academic Enterprise Awards was awarded to Seram Coatings for the development of an anti-corrosion and wear-resistant coating based on silicon carbide, one of the worlds hardest compounds.

European FM Researchers Awards

Cristian Roberto Valle KinlochThe 2014 European FM Researcher Awards was awarded to Cristian Roberto Valle Kinloch for his research on Methodologies for improvement of non-residential buildings day-to-day energy efficiency reliability.

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