Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdocs at NTNU

Postdoctoral fellows at NTNU contribute to the university’s research and teaching excellence. NTNU has over 400 postdocs across all the faculties. NTNU strives to provide the postdocs with career development support during their appointment, to boost their career opportunities in Norway and abroad.

Considering NTNU?

A. Considering NTNU?
Considering NTNU?

Career support and development gives an overview over resources for current and prospective postdocs.

Resources at NTNU

C: Resources at NTNU
Resources at NTNU

PhD and Postdoc Conference - Alumni

NTNU PhD and Postdoc Conference 2020

Making PhDs visible! was successfully arranged with PhD candidates, post doctoral fellows, young researchers at NTNU and potential employers for workers with a PhD. Programme 4–5 November 2020.

Career Conference

Life Outside Academia

NTNU career conference for postdocs. Programme and presentations 30 August 2019.

Research LeaderShip Course

Research Leadership

Photos from NTNU course 28-29 November 2018 (FotoWare)