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ERC Grants

Several outstanding researchers at NTNU have received grants from the European Research Council (ERC).

The award of a grant from ERC is the most prestigious funding a researcher can receive.

Researchers that have received ERC Grants

NTNU researchers that have received

  • ERC Starting Grant
  • ERC Consolidator Grant
  • ERC Advanced Grant
  • ERC Proof of Concept
  • ERC Synergy Grant

ERC Starting Grant

ERC Starting Grant

ERC Starting Grant row 1

Jason Hearst, photo.

Jason Hearst

GLITR – Breaking through: The Impact of Turbulence on the Gas-Liquid Interface

ERC Starting Grant – ID 101041000

Marius Korsnes, photo.

Marius Korsnes

MidWay – A Middle Way? Probing Sufficiency through Meat and Milk in China

ERC Starting Grant – ID 101041995

May-Britt Tessem, photo.

May-Britt Tessem

ProstOmics – 'Tissue is the issue': a multi-omics approach to improve prostate cancer diagnosis

ERC Starting Grant – ID 758306

ERC Starting Grant row 2

Jan Torgersen, photo.

Jan Torgersen

ELECTRODE – Exploring the Limits of Mass Transport in Electro-Chemical Energy Converters ThRough uncOnstrained Design and Interface Engineering

ERC Starting Grant – ID 949807

Francesca Verones, photo.

Francesca Verones

ATLANTIS – Whales, waste and sea walnuts: incorporating human impacts on the marine ecosystem within life cycle impact assessment

ERC Starting Grant – ID 850717

Jonathan Whitlock, photo.

Jonathan Whitlock

RAT MIRROR CELL – Deconstructing action planning and action observation in parietal circuits in rats

ERC Starting Grant – ID 335328

ERC Starting Grant row 3

Nicholas Worth, photo.

Nicholas Worth

TAIAC – Breaking the paradigm: A new approach to understanding and controlling combustion instabilities

ERC Starting Grant – ID 677931

Emre Yaksi, photo.

Emre Yaksi

CHEMOSENSORYCIRCUITS – Function of Chemosensory Circuits

ERC Starting Grant – ID 335561


ERC Consolidator Grant

ERC Consolidator Grant

ERC Consolidator Grant row 1

Charles Butcher, photo.

Charles Butcher

LEGACIES – Understanding how historical states have shaped modern institutions and dissent

ERC Consolidator Grant – ID 101045180

Christian Doeller, photo.

Christian Doeller

GEOCOG – Cognitive Geometry: Deciphering neural concept spaces and engineering knowledge to empower smart brains in a smart society

ERC Consolidator Grant – ID 724836

Simen Andreas Ådnøy Ellingsen, photo.

Simen Andreas Ådnøy Ellingsen

WaTurSheD – Small Flows with Big Consequences: Wave-, Turbulence- and Shear current-Driven mixing under a water surface

ERC Consolidator Grant – ID 101045299

ERC Consolidator Grant row 2

Andrew Foote, photo.

Andrew Foote

EXPLOAD – EXamining how Past demography affects genetic LOad using Ancient DNA

ERC Consolidator Grant – ID 101045346

Fredrik Jutfelt, photo.

Fredrik Jutfelt

CLIMEVOLVE – Evolution and mechanisms of thermal performance – answers through artificial selection in zebrafish

ERC Consolidator Grant – ID 10113026

Manuel Linares, photo.

Manuel Linares

LOVE-NEST – Looking for Super-Massive Neutron Stars

ERC Consolidator Grant – ID 10112352

ERC Consolidator Grant row 3

Dennis Meier, photo.

Dennis Meier

ATRONICS – Creating building blocks for atomic-scale electronics

ERC Consolidator Grant – ID 863691




ERC Advanced Grant

ERC Advanced Grant

ERC Advanced Grant row 1

Arne Brataas, photo.

Arne Brataas

INSULATRONICS – Controlling Electric Signals with Insulating Antiferromagnets and Insulating Ferromagnets

ERC Advanced Grant – ID 669442

Henrik Koch, photo.

Henrik Koch

QuantumLight – Coupled cluster theory for polaritons: changing molecular properties with quantum light

ERC Advanced Grant – ID 101020016

Edvard Moser, photo.

Edvard Moser

CIRCUIT – Neural circuits for space representation in the mammalian cortex

ERC Advanced Grant – ID 232608


GRIDCODE – Cortical maps for space

ERC Advanced Grant – ID 338865

ERC Advanced Grant row 2

May-Britt Moser, photo.

May-Britt Moser

ENSEMBLE – Neural mechanisms for memory retrieval

ERC Advanced Grant – ID 268598

Kristin Ytterstad Pettersen, photo.

Kristin Ytterstad Pettersen

CREME – Control of light vehicle-manipulator systems

ERC Advanced Grant – ID 101017697

Bernt-Erik Sæther, photo.

Bernt-Erik Sæther

STOCHPOP – Stochastic Population Biology in a Fluctuating Environment

ERC Advanced Grant – ID 268562

ERC Proof of Concept

ERC Proof of Concept

ERC Proof of Concept row 1

May-Britt Tessem, photo.

May-Britt Tessem

ARTS – Precision tissue biobanking made easy

ERC Proof of Concept – ID 101082300



ERC Synergy Grant

ERC Synergy Grant

ERC Synergy Grant row 1

James Barrett, photo.

James Barrett

4-OCEANS – Human History of Marine Life: Extraction, Knowledge, Drivers Consumption of Marine Resources, c.100 BCE to c.1860 CE

ERC Synergy Grant – ID 951649

Edvard Moser, photo.

Edvard Moser

KiloNeurons – Populations Codes for Space in the Mammalian Cortex

ERC Synergy Grant – ID 951319


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