Background and activities


My research is focussed on the experimental measurement of turbulent flows.  Some topics that I am actively pursuing are:

  • The generation of bespoke turbulence at high Reynolds numbers.
  • The impact of turbulence on various geometries (e.g., airfoils, buildings, wind turbines).
  • The influence of free-stream turbulence on a turbulent boundary layer.
  • The instantaneous structure of turbulent shear flows.

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Academic background

2015 - 2017  Post-doctoral fellowship, University of Southampton
2009 - 2014  PhD, University of Toronto Instititute for Aerospace Studies
2005 - 2009  BASc, University of Toronto, Engineering Science (Aerospace)

On-going grants

2019 - 2022  Research Council of Norway - FRINATEK - WallMix - Near-wall mixing by free-stream turbulence
2018 - 2021  Research Council of Norway - CLIMIT - DiHI-Tech - Distributed hydrogen injection and combustion technology for next generation pre-combustion CCS schemes

PhD candidates

Post-doctoral fellow

  • Md Kamruzzaman - Turbulence enhanced two species mixing (DiHI-Tech)
  • Pim Bullee - Turbulence enhanced scalar transport (WallMix)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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