Background and activities

Ole Øiseth is Professor at the Department of Structural Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Present fields of Interest

Wind Engineering

Marine Engineering

Bridge Engineering

Operational modal analysis and system identification

Finite element model updating

 Structural Monitoring


Phd Candidates

Main Supervisor:

Knut Andreas Kvåle: Simulation and full-scale measurements of the behaviour of floating bridges

Øyvind Wiig Petersen: Force identification in bridges using measured dynamic response

Aksel Fenerci: Dynamic modelling and analysis of long span cable-supported bridges subjected to wind loading with emphasis on field measurements

Bartosz Sidziako: Dynamic modeling and analysis of long span bridges subjected to wind loading with emphasis on wind tunnel measurements

Yuwang Xu: Dynamic modelling and analysis of long span cable-supported bridges with floating towers subjected to wind and wave loading

Tor Martin Lystad: Development of efficient and precise methods for wind response predictions used in design calculations for long-span bridges

Henrik Skyvulstad: Modelling of wind loading on bridge decks. An experimental study.

Co supervisor.

Petter Nåvik: The dynamic behaviour of new and existing railway catenary systems for Norwegian conditions

Gunnstein Frøseth: Estimating Remaining Service Life of Steel Railway Bridges

Tore Helgedagsrud: Numerical modelling of wind forces on bridge decks using state of the art FSI methods.

Finn Idar Giske: Models and Methods for Computation of Loads and Dynamic Response for a Chained Floating Bridge

Thomas Viuff: Modelling and analysis of damping in structural systems

Bjørn Thomas Svendsen: Dynamic analysis and full-scale experiments of existing railway bridges; system identification and damage detection exploring sensor technology and modal analysis

Stefano Derosa: Global structural behaviour and local wear predictions of catenary pantograph interaction by numerical modelling and field measurement validations





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