PhD programme in Artistic Research

PhD programme (doctoral education)

PhD programme in Artistic Research

About the PhD programme

About the PhD-programme

The PhD-programme in Artistic Research gives you the opportunity to specialize in the creative and performing arts such as music, fine art, architecture, design, theatre and film. The programme is interdisciplinary and interfacultary. The programme also offers the opportunity to specialize across disciplines through interdisciplinary artistic projects.


To be admitted to a PhD-programme you must have a complete funding plan and have completed a master’s degree or similar education (see the descriptions in the national qualifications framework). Equivalent competence in the creative or performing arts may also be considered. You must document strong academic and artistic background and the project description must hold a high standard.

Career options

A PhD is the highest level of formalized education in Norway.

With a doctoral degree in artistic research from NTNU you will be highly qualified for artistic research of a high international standard, for instance in academia, but also for other types of work with exacting requirements in terms of artistic insight and competence.

Programme structure

A PhD is a three-year degree based on a master's degree or other equivalent education. The programme consists of a coursework component of 30 ECTS and an artistic doctoral work consisting of an artistic result, documentation and a critical reflection.

11 Jun 2019

Facts about the programme

Facts about the programme

Degree level: PhD
Length of programme: 3 years
Campus: Trondheim, NTNU

Application deadline: Continuous admission