Norwegian Centre of Excellence (CoE/SFI)

The Research Council of Norway

Norwegian Centre of Excellence (CoE/SFI)

Centre of Excellence (CoE/SFF)

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The Research Council of Norway provides long-term funding for targeted research on complex problems in research environments with ambitious ideas. Researcher training and international collaboration are important. The CoE/SFF scheme, advertisements, and current and former centres.


NTNU hosts CoE/SFF

NTNU hosts seven CoE/SFF

SFF AMOS – Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems develops intelligent ships and ocean structures, autonomous unmanned vehicles and robots.

SFF CAC – Centre for Algorithms of the Cortex with research on how the neurons in the cerebral cortex work together.

SFF CBD – Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics has research into changes in time and space of biological diversity.

SFF CEMIR – Centre for Molecular Inflammation Research identifies new therapeutic targets and develop diagnostic tools.

SFF CNC – Centre for Neural Computation has research on neural circuits and systems and their role in generating psychological functions.

CFF PoreLab – Porous Media Laboratory calculates fluid flow in porous media.  CoE PoreLab is shared between NTNU and UiO – University of Oslo.

SFF QuSpin – Center for Low Dissipation Quantum Spintronics will create a revolution in low power communication technology.

NTNU is partner in CoE/SFF

NTNU is partner in three CoE/SFF

SFF BCSS – Birkeland Centre for Space Sciene will understand the Earth’s relationship to space. UiB – University of Bergen hosts the Centre.

SFF CBC – Center for Biomedical Computing develops simulation technologies for physical processes in human health. Simula Research Laboratory hosts the Centre.

SFF ESOP – Centre for the study of Equality, Social Organization and Performance studies economic policy, growth, development, income, employment, welfare. UiO – University of Oslo hosts the Centre.