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We would like to invite you to join our annual three-day conference!

We have fifteen invited international speakers from the theoretical and experimental fields, poster sessions and breaks with time for mingling and dialogue on research. 

The conference will be held in Trondheim, Norway. June in is a beautiful time in the city. We will arrange a boat trip with sightseeing to the old part of town, before dinner on the island Munkholmen in the middle of the Trondheim fjord.

Participants may bring posters to the poster sessions at the conference, see registration link.

Registration deadline May 12th, 2022.


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Our vision is to trigger a revolution in low-power information and communication technologies in an energy-efficient society.

QuSpin´s objective is to develop the basic science that uses quantum entities such as the electron spin as information carriers in radically different ways. We aim at groundbreaking basic research that is crucial to the  development of fast, high-capacity, material systems and tools for smaller and more power-efficient electronic devices.

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What's happening ?

Info meeting Quantum Spintronics 2022, Tuesday May 10th, at 12.30-1 PM, in E5-103.

Bi-weekly Idea Forum, Thursday May 12th, at 1.15-2 PM, in E5-103. Facilitator: Postdoc Jabir Ali Ouassou.

QuSpin Cafe- Females in Physics, Thursday May 12th, at 3-4.15 PM, in E5-103

Bi-weekly seminar, Friday May 13th, at 2.15-3 PM, in E5-103. Speaker: Postdoc Marion Barbeau. Title: TBA

Spinmaster this week: Bjørnulf Brekke




Vacancy- PhD position within the experimental field and the ARPES lab

At QuSpin, some of our experimental activities are based on spin- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (spin-ARPES). We study new types of quantum materials with spin-dependent electronic properties. For these studies, modern instrumentation is employed at NTNU and at synchrotron facilities worldwide. The candidate will contribute to these activities with a particular focus on magnetic topological insulators and complex ferromagnets.

Application deadline May 22nd, 2022.

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