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Our vision is to trigger a revolution in low-power information and communication technologies in an energy-efficient society.

QuSpin´s objective is to develop the basic science that uses quantum entities such as the electron spin as information carriers in radically different ways. We aim at groundbreaking basic research that is crucial to the  development of fast, high-capacity, material systems and tools for smaller and more power-efficient electronic devices.

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Vacant position as an associate professor within experimental condensed matter physics, angular resolved photo emission spectroscopy (ARPES).

The research area of the vacant position is experimental study of electronic structure using angular resolved photoemission spectroscopy. The position will be hired as a permanent Associate Professor position, with possibilities for applying for promotion to full professor level. 

The candidate will join and an excellent international research environment in quantum condensed matter theory and  experiments.

Application deadline July 30th, 2021


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