QuSpin Articles

QuSpin Articles

Artikkel 2021

February 2021

The Journey of SFF QuSpin

At the end of the year 2021, we sat down around the table and reflected on the Center's journey so far. How did the Center start? What did it take to become successful? And what have we learnt from our experiences so far?

Dialogue between the three Principal Investigators Arne Brataas, Asle Sudbø and Jacob Linder, facilitated by Karen-Elisabeth Sødahl. The fourth original Principal Investigator, Justin Wells, had already started in his new position at the University of Oslo.

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From basic ideas to proof-of-concept devices (Feb 2020)

February 2020

From basic ideas to proof-of-concept devices 

"It all started with a scientific discussion wiyh a colleague at a conference more than a decade ago", Dennis says.

How observations of small "defects" may guide us towards new technology.

A dialogue with Professor Dennis Meier, Postdoc Mariia Stepanova and PhD candidate Erik Lysne. 

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Science is a Random Walk, Utilizing the Opportunities (Feb 2019)

February 2019

Science is a Random Walk, Utilizing the Opportunities

QuSpin researchers published their paper "Current Control of Magnetism in Two Dimensional Fe3GeTe2" in the Physical Review Letter (PRL) in May 2019.  

The team sits around the table and shares their reflections about two years of work put into the paper.

A dialogue with the professors Asle Sudbø, Arne Brataas and Jacob Linder, and the PhD candidates Vetle Kjær Risinggård and Øyvind Johansen.

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Building the New Spin-ARPES Laboratory (Feb 2019)

February 2019

Building the New Spin-ARPES Laboratory

This year we have constructed a new bespoke instrument. Unlike the existing equipment, which relied on well-established principles, we jumped into co-development of a new spin-resolved and spatial-resolved ARPES instrument.

A dialogue with professor Justin Wells, and the PhD candidates Håkon Ivarssønn Røst and Frode Sneve Strand.

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Collective participation (Feb 2018)

February 2018

Collective participation

What is the definition of succes in a project or in an organization? For many,it  might be a significant milestone reached or an epic breakthrough. However,what if you look more deeply? If you take that approach with the QuSpin center,you’ll find a clear winner if you speak to those involved – connection.

A dialogue with the PhD candidates Haakon Thømt Simensen, Payel Chatterjee, Håkon Ivarssøn Røst and the researchers Sol H. Jacobsen and Alireza Qaiumzadeh.

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Smart materials can reduce power consumption (Jan 2019)

January 2019

Smart materials can reduce power consumption

Chronicle in Aftenposten (Newspaper) by Jacob Linder, Asle Sudbø and Karen-Elisabeth Sødahl. "Smarte materialer kan gi grønn energiboom". (Smart materials can give an energy boom)