QuSpin Activities

QuSpin Activities


One of our key goal is to make our center and physics attractive for our researchers, students, partners, visitors and potential new young students, to be motivated by, and recruited into a rewarding academic carrier. 


Onboarding new colleaguees

When we greet newcomers to our center, it is important that they get to know the center, culture, routines, possibilities and expectations as soon as possible. Experience tells us that this is crucial for the center, and our work environment and our productivity. And it is important for us to get to know our new colleague. Our ambition is to perform our Onboarding immediately, and appoint a fellow collegue as mentor for the first period after joining our research team.


Research training junior researchers

We wish to train the next generation of researchers within our field, to take on leadership for new projects of their own, as well as getting experience by co-supervising our PhDs and master students. We also focus on training in scientific presentations, and preparing for presenting at workshops, conferences and the public.

We give a range of workshops and seminars at the center. We have regular seminars given by our researchers, and our visiting researchers, where they present their work, share ideas and discuss the challenges.

Our regular Journal Club is where there is training in presenting a scientific article and its essence for discussion. These are valuable experiences in the process of their work and in writing articles forpublication.

We also have a self-organized Idea Forum the younger researchers, where projects, ideas, and research challenges are shared, stimulating collaboration across both the theoretical and experimental field, as well as between PhDs, Postdocs and researchers.

The professors teaching, supervision, and curriculum is still the primary source for each PhDs research training. However, we see that all the other activities have a significant added value.


Visiting researchers 

We are happy to welcome visiting researchers to our center, as well as participating in external conferences and workshops and giving invited talks by our researchers at these scientific events.


Outreach to younger students 

It is important for us to reach out to younger students to share what we are doing. And to build a pro-social culture with social activities, both inside and outside of our center.