Center workshop 2017

The first workshop organized by QuSpin will took place October 5th and 6th (2017) in Trondheim. The program is shown below and can also be downloaded as a pdf-file.

Organizers: Arne Brataas, Jacob Linder, Asle Sudbø, Justin Wells, and Sol Jacobsen (local planning).


Thursday, October 5th

08.30-09.00: QuSpin opening
09.00-09.30: Mark Blamire. Superconducting spintronics.
09.30-10.00: Jan Arts. Magnetic control over spin triplet supercurrents.

10.00-10.30: Break

10.30-11.00: Alexander Golubov. Superconductor-ferromagnet junctions: physics and applications.
11.00-11.30: Annica Black-Schaffer. Magnetic impurities in spin-orbit coupled superconductors.

11.30-12.00: Break

12.00-12.30: Matthias Eschrig. Spin control in superconducting devices. 

12.30-14.00: Lunch

14.00-14.30: Geoffrey Beach. Room temperature magnetic skyrmions in engineered heterostructures.
14.30-15.00: Christian Back. Entropy-limited topological protection of skyrmions.

15.00-15.30: Break

15.30-16.00: Thomas Jungwirth. THz electrical writing speed in an antiferromagnetic memory.
16.00-16.30: Xavier Waintal. Quantum electronics at Terahertz frequencies.
16.30-17.30: Meeting for members of Scientific Advisory Committee and QuSpin Centre Director

18.00- : Workshop dinner.


Friday, October 6th

09.00-09.30: Daniela Pfannkuch. Spin dynamics and transport through magnetic adatoms on surfaces.
09.30-10.00: Gerrit Bauer. Spin cavitronics with YIG.

10.00-10.30: Break

10.30-11.00: Andrew D. Kent. Magnon condensates in spin-transfer nanocontacts.
11.00-11.30: Wolfgang Belzig. Quantum non-integral magnonics at magnetic insulator-normal metal interfaces.

11.30-13.00: Lunch

13.00-13.30: Mathias Bode. Robust spin-polarized midgap states at step edges of topological crystalline insulators.
13.30-14.00: Phil King. Spin-orbit coupled d-electron surface states of delassite oxides.

14.00-14.30: Break

14.30-15.00: Ferdinand Kuemmeth. Voltage-controlled spin qubit experiments in arrays of quantum dots.
15.00-15.30: Alexander Balatsky. Dirac magnons in honeycomb ferromagnets.
15.30-16.00: Milena Grifoni. Majorana fermions in carbon nanotubes.



Time for a little break from intense research

Invited speakers, PhD students, and postdoctoral researchers at QuSpin give seminars on a regular basis. We encourage master students to participate at these events in order to get a peak at the ongoing research at the center.


The seminars starts at 12.30 AM.

June 21st, room E5-103. Dr. Dmytro Polischuk. Thermal and spin dynamic effects in synthetic antiferromagnets. Erik HolmgrenResonant core dynamics in strongly coupled spin vortex pairs.

June 8th, room E5-103. Alireza Qaiumzadeh. All-magnonic helicity dependent domain-wall motion in antiferromagnets.

June 5th, room E5-103. Prof. So Takei. Spin current fluctuations in one-dimensional quantum paramagnets.

May 25th, room E5-103. Sverre Gulbrandsen. Ultrafast switching of ferro- and ferrimagnets described by Schwinger bosons.

May 22th, room E5-103. Prof. Wolfgang Belzig. Aspects of Mesoscopic Super Conductivity. Topological Junction and Frustrated Dissipation.

May 4th, room E5-103. Jabir Ali Ouassou. Bistability and hysteresis in superconducting materials.

April 30th, room E5-103. Prof. Alex Khajetoorians. Spin sensing and magnetic design, one atom at a time.

April 20th, room E5-103. Rajesh Kumar Chellappan. Preparation of Graphene/SioO2/SiC structure for Electronic and Spintronic Devices.

April 6th, room E5-103. Fredrik Nicolai Krohg. Derivation of a Ginzburg-Landau free energy density containing mixed gradient terms of a p+ip superconductor with spin-orbit coupling.

March , room E5-103. Prof. Mathias Kläui. Quantum Spintronics at Mauinz- from spin superfluidity to topologically protected spin structures.

March 16th, room E5-103. Alex Schenk. Experimental methods for investigating low-dimensional electronic systems.

March 6th, room E5-103. Prof. Christoph Tegenkamp. Spin-charge transport phenomena on the atomic scale. 

March 2nd, room E5-103. Marina Jorge. Canceled.

February 26th, room E5-103. Paramita Dutta.

February 22nd, room E5-103. Charlotte Saunders.

February 20th, room E5-103. Benedetta Flebus.

February 16th, room E5-103. Arnau Sala. Spin qubits in quantum dots: Decoherence-free subspaces in exchange-only multi-dot qubits.

February 6th, room E5-103. Scott Bender.

February 2nd, room E5-103. Eirik Løhaugen Fjærbu. Superconductivity induced by interfacial coupling to magnons

January, room E5-103. Phillip Hofmann.



December 7th, room E5-103. Suraj Kumar Singh. Spintronics in metallic oxides and magnonic crystals.

November 23rd, room E5-103. Øyvind Johansen. Controlling antiferromagnetic resonance by an external magnetic field.

November 9th, room E5-103. Roberto Troncoso. Self-oscillators, spin–orbit torques and antiferromagnets.

October 26th, room E5-103. Sol Jacobsen. Superconductivity and spin–orbit coupling in diffusive heterostructures: a research summary.

October 11th, room E5-103. Vetle Risinggård. Current-induced domain wall motion. Spin–orbit torques.

September 28th, room D4-132. Henning Goa Hugdal. Superconductivity in weakly repulsive 2D Hubbard model with Rashba spin-orbit coupling and magnetic field.

September 14th, room D4-132. Morten Amundsen. Simulation of superconducting systems in 2D and 3D: a tutorial on the finite element method.

September 1st, room E5-103: Flavio Nogueira (Leibnitz Institute in Dresden). Duality between a 3D topological Mott insulator and a topological superconductor









Lecture series

More info to come.