Conferences/workshops, and invited talks by researchers at QuSpin



 IOP Magnetism Conference

Loughborough, UK. March 25-26, 2024.


DPG Conference

Berlin, Germany. March 17-22, 2024.





The Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS)

Madrid, Spain. August 27th- September 1st, 2023.

The abstract submission deadline is March 9th  at 23.59 (CET time).


DPG Conference

Berlin, Germany. September 21-23, 2023.


NTNU, Researchers Night 2023 (Ungdommens forskernatt)

Trondheim, September 29.

- Associate Professor Hendrik Bentmann and his team. SFF QuSpin participating with inviting students to our ARPES lab. Title: Kom og se hvordan vi jobber med kvantefysikk i lab’en vår på QuSpin. Der forsker vi på hvordan elektroner oppfører seg i nye materialer eller superledere gjennom å se på dette i mikroskop. Dette er viktig i utviklingen av nye energieffektive løsninger for et «grønnere» samfunn.


Nordita BalCon TP 2023

Stockholm, Sweden. May 7-10. 

- Professor Asle Sudbø. Title: Spin-fluctuations and unconventional superconductivity in heterostructures of magnetic insulators and gapless fermion systems.


Realfagsdagene, NTNU

Trondheim, Norway. March 20-23, 2023.


APS March Meeting

Las Vegas, USA. March 5-10, 2023.







Gemini Autumn School on Quantum Computation.

Oslo, Norway. November 16-18.  


AVS 68th International Symposium & Exhibition

Pittsburg, USA. November 6-11.

- Associate professor Hendrik Bentmann. Title: Topological States in the van der Waals Magnet MnBi2Te4: from 3D to 2D.


Superconducting spintronics 2022- International workshop on superconducting spintronics 

Online (Zoom). November 2-3.

- Professor Jacob Linder. Title: Superconducting spintronics: a review of its present state.

- PhD  student Lina Grøvan Johnsen. Title: Spin-triplet superconductivity: Controllable enhancement and coupling to magnon spin currents.




Linjeforeningen Delta, NTNU

Trondheim, Norway.

- Senior researcher Dr. Sol Jacobsen. Inspirational talk. 


Korea-Nordic co-operation workshop on Quantum Materials

Stockholm, Sweden. 

- Senior researcher Dr. Sol Jacobsen. Title: The role of geometric design in superconducting spintronics.




Nordic Quantum Connection Workshop

Scandic Park Hotel Helsinki, Finland. September 28.

- Professor Jeroen Danon. Title: Solid-State Spin Qubits.


CRIM2022 - Superconducting spintronics in low dimensions.

London, UK. September 19.

- Professor Jacob Linder. Title: Complete magnetic control over the superconducting thermoelectric effect.


Materials Science and Engineering Congress (MSE 2022)

Darmstadt, Germany. September 27 – 29.

- Professor Dennis Meier. Title: The third dimension of ferroelectric domain walls


International Workshop on Topological Structures (TOPO 2022)

 Mainz, Germany. September 12 – 16

- Professor Dennis Meier. Title: Nanoscale 3D imaging of ferroelectric domain wall networks


Spin Qubit 5 Conference

Pontresina, Switzerland. September 9.

- Professor Jeroen Danon. Title: Spin blockade and spin-orbit coupling.


DPG Conference

Regensburg, Germany. September 4 – 9

- Professor Dennis Meier. Title: Functional ferroics




University of Regensburg PhD Summer School on "Dynamics of Lower-Dimensional Systems"

 DJH Jugendherberge Nürnberg, Germany. August 18.

- Professor Jeroen Danon. Title: Solid-State Spin Qubits.(3 hours of lectures)


CMD29 workshop on geometric design in spintronics.

Manchester, England. August 21-26

- Senior researcher Dr. Sol Jacobsen. Title: Superconducting spintronics in curved geometries.




UCSB Quantum Foundry

Santa Barbara, USA. July 7

- PhD student Håkon Røst. Title: Disentangling Rich Many-Body Physics with Modern Photoemission Techniques (flyer)




IEEE-UFFC's FerroSchool

Lyon, France. June 20 - 25.

- Professor Dennis Meier. Title:  Improper ferroelectrics – domains, domain walls and emergent functional properties.




Novel Quantum Phases in Superconducting Heterostructures. 769. WE-Heraeus-Seminar

Bad Honnef, Germany. May 30- June 2.

- Professor Jacob Linder. Title: Breaking the Clogston-Chandrasekhar limit via flat bands and giant anisotropy in antiferromagnetic Josephson junctions.


Workshop on Emergent phenomena in low-dimensional ferroelectric structures.

Berlin, Germany. May 26 – 27.

- Professor Dennis Meier. Title.The third dimension of ferroelectric domain walls




Norway - Japan Quantum Computing Webinar 

Online. March 9.

- Professor Jeroen Danon. Title: Quantum Computing Technology – Norway.


TRR 80: From Electronic Correlations to Functionality Seminar.

Augsburg, Germany. March 23.

- Professor Dennis Meier. Title: Functional topological solitons in chiral and non-chiral materials.


Realfagsdagene, NTNU

Trondheim, Norway. March.

- Professor Jacob Linder. Title: Superconductors turn up to the heat.




Nordic virtual condensed matter seminar.

Stockholm, Sweden. February 21.

- Professor Jacob Linder. Title: Magnon spin-current induced by a triplet Cooper pair supercurrent.