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Foto Lina Johnsen Kamra
Photo: Japan, Lina Johnsen Kamra

QuSpin Mobility Grant 

QuSpin Mobility Grant 

Encouraging our PhD students to seek international research experience, broaden their cultural outlook and extend their network.

In 2022 we established the QuSpin Mobility Grant which our PhD students can apply for in connection with research stays abroad if their application provides a clear explanation on how the research stay will benefit their current project and QuSpin.

The purpose of this grant is to learn and transfer research relevant to the project and QuSpin as a whole. We emphasize that these research stays should create stronger professional relationships between the host, the PhD student and QuSpin, and that it should result in a joint publication.

The grant will typically cover travel and accommodation costs. Candidates can apply for financial support for up to three months for a research stay. After the completion of the research term the applicant is required to present findings and experiences during the annual research conference. 

In addition, a one page report and 2-3 photos will be required and published on the QuSpin web page.



The application must include the following:

  • Project plan
  • An explanation of why and how the visit will benefit your research project and QuSpin research
  • An invitation from the host institution
  • Budget plan

We offer the following grants of NOK 21 000 (including travel) per month, up to three months in total.  


Please send the application directly to:

Application deadline March 1st and September 1st.


Mobility Grant 2024

These two PhD candidates have received this grant ; 

PhD candidate Jacob Benestad for a research stay during spring 2024 to Center for Quantum Devices, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

 PhD candidate Stefanie Brinkman for a research stay during spring 2024 to Hiroshima Synchrotron Radiation Center Hiroshima University, Japan.


Mobility Grant 2022

The first two students to receive this grant are; 

PhD candidate Lina Johnsen Kamra who had a research stay at RIKEN research institute in Tokyo, Japan during the autumn of 2022.

PhD candidate Bjørnulf Brekke who had a research stay during 2022-2023 at UCLA in Los Angeles, USA. 


Article based on interviews with PhD students Lina Johnsen Kamra and Bjørnulf Brekke, facilitated by Karen-Elisabeth Sødahl. In the interviews they share their experiences from their research stays at RIKEN in Saitama, close to Tokyo, Japan, and UCLA, Los Angeles,USA.  See article.